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Sonia Mbele responds to homewrecker allegations

Musa Khawula strikes again, this time taking aim at the award-winning actress.

Real Housewives of Johannesburg producer and actress Sonia Mbele has reportedly set the record straight following allegations that she is dating a married man.

This after social media blogger Musa Khawula alleged that Sonia is dating a 31- year-old businessman, Matome Sefalafala.

He added that Matome’s marriage has come to an end because of his affair with the former Generations star.

Sharing snaps on Twitter Musa wrote: “Meet Sonia Mbele’s married boyfriend Matome Sefalafala (31).

“Matome Sefalafala is married to Meo Mochadibane, who has since vacated their marital home because of her husband’s affair with Sonia Mbele (46).”

According to Zimoja, Sonia has denied the allegations. However, she admitted to knowing Matome Sefalafala.

“I know him, but I am not dating him. That is far-fetched… I am very open about my life, but I don’t like false information about me being written. Rather call me and ask me, but don’t make false accusations is something else,” she said.


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‘I will not give up on love’ – Sonia Mbele

During her interview with Dineo Ranaka on Dineo On Sex ‘n Stuff a few days ago, Sonia said she is single but has not given up on love.

“As much as I have gotten it wrong several times, I will not give up on love guys. I light a candle and ask for him. I describe him, and I know he is coming.”

She also opened up about the abuse she suffered in her marriage and how she is still trying to break the circle.

“First boyfriend, that is where it got wrong because I took the physical, emotional, pschycological, and financial abuse. Hence I am saying I would rather, at this point rewind, sit back and stay by myself and kinda fix. Clearly there is this thing that I keep on attracting that is wrong and not good for me.

“That nine years relationship, from 17, you are young. You were with this person till you were 26. Physically abusive… All I am saying is it started there, and till today I am still trying to break that circle,” she said.

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