Zahara claps back at haters after performing at an EFF event

Pearl Thusi is another public figure who took to social media to confess that she has in the past taken jobs related to political rallies.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) manifesto launch was held over the weekend at Gandhi Square in Johannesburg, and singer Zahara was booked to perform – which left social media divided.

The municipal elections are nearing, and various political parties are campaigning for votes and support from South African citizens.

Celebrities are often called to events in efforts to influence their fans and followers to vote for certain political parties.

After performing on Sunday, Zahara took to social media to express her annoyance with those those who have been criticising her for taking the stage at the recent EFF rally.

She spoke about how it is difficult being her because people always want to dictate to her.

“LOL being Zahara is hard shame… you [sic] not supposed to do anything for yourself but must always do what people want you to do,” said the songwriter.

She then address the ANC and the mismanagement of Covid-19 relief funds.

“Where is the money for the relief fund? Who benefited? Artists were not working for the whole of 2020. What were we eating? Today, you have the liver to tell [me] which gig I must not take or which one I should. Asoze, we all wanna [sic] put bread on the table,” she said.

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In a different post, she said she never goes out to look for jobs, but is instead offered them, and when she is offered paying jobs, she takes them because she has bills to pay.

“At the end of the day ,no one will pay for [my] house bond or put food on the table for me. I’m not asking for permission or begging anyone, as long as it’s a paying job, then I’m in. Covid has starved me… Artists weren’t working for the whole of 2020 and this year we work here and there… where was the ruling party when we were hungry,” said the Loliwe star.

Pearl Thusi is another public figure who took to social media to confess that she has in the past taken jobs related to political rallies because she, too, had to put food on her table and pay her bills.

“Notice what I did with my arms. That wasn’t an accident. That wasn’t an accident. I really needed that rent money.  Hence I said [I’m] actively promoting any party. But if I knew then what I know now… regrettably, I also did a DA gig that year,” said Thusi.

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