WATCH: Gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad and wife celebrate four-year anniversary

Dr Ziphozenkosi Nzimande marked the fourth anniversary of her marriage to her husband, Dumi Mkokstad, commemorating their journey together.

Dr Ziphozenkosi Nzimande, who is not only the wife of renowned Gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad but also a notable figure herself, uploaded a video commemorating their four-year wedding anniversary.

Dr Ziphozenkosi shared cherished moments from their married life with her husband, Dumi Mkokstad.

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Love story

While celebrating their four-year journey in marriage, the Gospel singer took to his Instagram account to share a picture that portrayed the transformation of a single screenshot into four years of a blissful married life with the person he deeply cherishes.

Just like that one screenshot changed Dumi Mkokstad’s life forever, he now remembers the 6 June 2019, a day when his dreams became a reality. He describes it as a “turn around day” in his post.

“She said #I_DO. The most precious and important day of my life. I look at that day as a Rebirth of uDumi. Every time I look at my wife, I see Gods Love.

“As I always say to her… I thought I had lost her. I thought it was impossible. I thought she was too good for me,” wrote Dumi on his post.

Gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad and his wife Dr Ziphozenkosi Nzimande on their wedding day. Picture: Instagram @DumiMkokstad


As the gospel singer continued with his anniversary message on Instagram, he shared that he didn’t expect to reach this point with his wife. He expressed his gratitude to God for planning this journey for him.

“So much had been said about me. I had done things that made it seem impossible.
“I didn’t even think Zipho would even begin to talk to me.

“I always always ran away from her… Ngangimsaba enye into ke anam to a point that I ended up calling her Sisi kanti uJesu UyangiHlelela.

“Everytime I need to remind myself of how much God loves me… I always look next to me.

@dr_ziphozenkosi is truly my treasure. In every sense of the word. A gift from the Lord and proof of God’s unfailing love.

“Ngiyamthanda umkami ♥️,” wrote Dumi Mkokstad as he ended the message.

New addition to the family

The couple exchanged vows in 2019, and already have a child named Likuwe Mkokstad. However, they recently celebrated the arrival of their second child, Lenan’izulu Mkokstad. Remarkably, the couple has been blessed with daughters.

Dr Ziphozenkosi Nzimande once again took to Instagram, sharing a joyful photo of the family of four.

As her caption on Instagram she wrote, “When I say I am blessed”.

Dr Ziphozenkosi Nzimande and her husband Dumi Mkokstad along with their two children Likuwe and Lenan'izulu Mkokstad. Picture: Instagram@DrZiphozenkosiNzimande.
Dr Ziphozenkosi Nzimande and her husband Dumi Mkokstad along with their two children Likuwe and Lenan’izulu Mkokstad. Picture: Instagram @DrZiphozenkosiNzimande.

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