Connie Ferguson’s daughter turns 21! She shares a special message to her ‘little girl’

Media personality Connie Ferguson shared a heartfelt Instagram message to her daughter Alicia Angel Ferguson on her 21st birthday.

Media guru Connie Ferguson shared a heartfelt message to her daughter Alicia Ferguson on her 21st birthday on Wednesday morning.

Connie took to Instagram to narrate the journey of Alicia’s life, starting from the day she was born until the present moment.

“This time 21 years ago, I had checked into Parklane Clinic, getting ready to deliver one of the best gifts God has ever given me.

“As I sit here typing this, that morning is replaying in my head. The anxiety, the excitement, the anticipation! I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms! Your dad never left my side for a moment!

“When you arrived he cut your umbilical cord. He was the first to hold you before they placed you safely on my chest.

“I couldn’t stop marveling at how beautiful and perfect you were! And you have been that for the past 21 years!,” wrote Connie.

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Sho’s duplicate

Continuing her message, Connie said Alicia is a striking resemblance of her late husband, Shona Ferguson. She further emphasised that Alicia has been her unwavering source of support and strength.

“Dando, Bombo, Sho’s Duplicate, Miss “my daddy’s gonna fix my teeth!” I thank God for you everyday!🙏🏾 I can’t believe my baby, my last born child is 21 today! Watching you grow has been my favourite activity.

“I thank God for your life, your heart, your mind, your spirit and your old soul! You have been my rock through the worst of times! I sometimes ask myself where you get your strength, courage and wisdom from, and then I remember that your middle name is Angel! And that’s what you have been, not only to us but to anyone who has had the fortune of your encounter,” further wrote Connie.

Connie Ferguson’s sweet birthday message to her daughter

In the conclusion of her message, Connie extended heartfelt birthday wishes to Alicia on her special 21st birthday and conveyed the belief that her late father, Shona, is watching over her with a joyful smile.

“I love you so much Alicia Angel Ferguson, and I am so proud that you chose your Dad and I to be your parents. He is smiling and celebrating you from heaven. ‘That’s my seed!’ I can hear him brag!

“You wear him so well, and you wear God well. May God continue to guide your steps, protect and bless you with all your hearts desires.

“Happy 21st birthday my beautiful girl,” wrote Connie.

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