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Zodwa Wabantu denied entry into Lesotho because of ‘skimpy outfits’

Zodwa Wabantu has been barred from entering Lesotho because of her raunchy performances. Now the festival has been cancelled altogether.

Such is the controversy that entertainer Zodwa Wabantu stirs up that the Lesotho government had to step-in to have a show that Zodwa was billed to headline cancelled.

Organisers of the Glamorous to Lesotho event, scheduled to take place on Saturday, were forced to cancel their event after the government said it would not allow Zodwa into the country. This was confirmed in a statement released on Thursday by Elibo Guest House, the venue where the show was set to take place.

“Elibo Guest house and Beauty Spa management and team is aware of the public outcry and concern coming from the respective different leadership houses within the country due the scheduled event planned within its premises on 5 August 2023,” read the statement.

“Elibo urges to make aware all respective leadership houses and parties concerned that it shall fully comply with all government and nongovernmental regulations and policies.

“Therefore, Elibo Guest House and Beauty Spa management and team has requested the event organisers to fully cancel the scheduled event which was planned to take place at Elibo.”

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Government outcry

On Wednesday, Minister of Local Government, Chieftainship, Home Affairs and Police in Lesotho Lebona Lephema released a statement barring Zodwa from entering its borders, but not calling off the show itself.

“Please be advised that the South African lady known as Zodwa Wabantu, whom you have invited to Lesotho, will be denied entry into the country,” the minister said.

“Zodwa is known to perform without wearing anything decent in public, the conduct which amounts to public indecency.”

Zodwa is famous for her raunchy performances where she entertains wearing only underwear or sometimes, a mini skirt while going commando. While this is permitted in South Africa, Lesotho has a law against it.

According to the country’s law, “a person who creates or takes steps in any incident spectacle or performance, or who does in public or private indecent act which is calculated to offend any reasonable member of the public, commits a crime.”

The country’s government maintains that they aren’t “prepared to wait until a crime is committed” hence they opt to bar her from coming into the country.

Among other reasons given for preventing Zodwa from arriving in Lesotho, is that the country is guided by its religious belief.

“As a Christian nation, we are not prepared to compromise our Christian values. It is for those reasons that Miss Zodwa Wabantu will not be permitted to enter the country.”

The controversial entertainer doesn’t seem to have been affected by this, as she posted another gig that she’ll be attending in Limpopo on Saturday.

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