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Zodwa Wabantu, Moja Love apologise for homophobic remarks

The entertainer says she now understands her mistake.

Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu and Moja Love have apologised for homophobic remarks made by the entertainer on her reality TV show, Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored, on Saturday.

As she was highlighting the stereotypical characteristics of homosexual men, Zodwa said: “Gay people are naughty. Name a gay person in the industry who has never fought with a girl. They are convinced that they have a vagina, they have a penis. We have vaginas. We accommodate you guys so that you feel that you get to wear makeup. When we talk about me, you’ll get a chance too.”

The social media streets did not take kindly to her comments, with some calling for her show to be cancelled.

Zodwa has now apologised.

“I apologise, I’m sorry. They were here to make me understand and learn. It just came out as you saw it but it wasn’t like that. Keep on being yourselves,” she said.

The channel also released a statement apologising and said it was working with an LGBTI rights organisation on remedial action.

“The views expressed by Zodwa is regrettable and she commits to learning. As media and content producers, [we] accept a measure of responsibility for this oversight and commit to generating edutainment and live reality stories that are based on dignity and respect. We convey our sincere and profound regret that these utterances have caused.

“We have placed internal measures to ensure that such an incident does not occur in the future. Our channel talent will be given the proper tools and guidelines to enable them to understand the various dynamics that make up our society. We are currently working with a LGBTI rights organisation IRANTI on remedial actions and to ensure that education around the issue is promoted.” it said in a statement.

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