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Zola ‘saw Biggie and 2Pac in the afterlife’ during hospitalisation

Zola opened up about his time in hospital, where he had an afterlife experience talking to US rappers Biggie and 2Pac.

“They [2Pac and Biggie] were sitting there having a joint. And then you feel absolutely nothing, no pain, even if you were to pinch me, I’d feel nothing. At that time, I’m mostly having a conversation with my grandmother who by the way, died in 1993 on Friday 13 February,” said Kwaito legend Zola, describing his experience in the afterlife.

The entertainer was diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago and has silently been battling the chronic illness until news came out that he couldn’t keep up with the mounting hospital bill and his management opted for crowdfunding.

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The afterlife

But a healthy-looking Zola spoke freely on Metro FM’s drive-time show this week with about his experience in hospital.

“She [grandmother] said ‘you need to go back’ to I’m talking to my ancestor direct. And then I woke up,” said the former TV presenter.

Zola told Touch he had also been reading a book by Jasper Swain titled Conversations Beyond the Veil which speaks on the afterlife.

Upon regaining consciousness, he was a bit confused about where he was, believing he had died.

“The first thing you hear are nurses and the sound of the hospital and then you get the smell, that okay I’m at the hospital. “

He was frightened by how flat his bed was, as it looked like it had been as though no one was lying in there. “I’m like where’s my body,” exclaimed the actor.

“I raised the blankets to check and I can see my feet down there…I had learnt later on the doctor said I had the bone mass of a 12 year old. That is absolute madness,” said the 46-year-old, who joked he likes the slim look since his illness.

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Zola honoured

A documentary paying homage to the seasoned entertainer and artist is set to debut on SABC 1 in the coming days. The doccie will showcase the origins and cultural impact of Zola’s debut album Mdlwembe was released 23 years ago.

The 17-track album which has a young and fierce-looking Zola on the cover is revered as a project that changed the trajectory of the kwaito genre forever. A new album from him is said to be on the way as well.

It’s been a busy time for Zola since his publicised hospitalisation, with a number of people wanting to work with or assist him in whatever way possible.

The Beat Makers Market, an annual event dedicated to producers and beat makers is giving an opportunity to aspiring producers to create a beat Zola will rap on.

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