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Twitter roasts Hungry Lion wings after viral video

Hungry Lion went on the hunt for a man who eat a pizza like a wrap, however, it was their gift offer that was a bit of a concern for Twitter users.

What was supposed to be a fun and light-hearted search for a man who went viral of how he ate a pizza like a wrap, Hungry Lion didn’t think tweeps would go after them for the standard of their chicken wings.

A man and a woman went viral after being filmed participating in an unknown food challenge outside a Debonairs store. 

The young man is seen breaking half of the pizza box, to fan the freshly cooked pizza, whilst the woman folds her pizza slice to eat. 

What the man does after fanning the pizza is bewildering. 

Rolling pizza to eat it??

After fanning the pizza, the man rolls the pizza to form a shape of a burrito. He then eats giant chunks of the rolled pizza, as he tries to eat in a rush against some mystery time buzzer.

The video has over 402 000 views on Twitter and the South African chicken franchise Hungry Lion jumped on the bandwagon. 

On their Twitter page, they said they were impressed by the man’s skills, who has been dubbed ‘Minister of chowment”.

However, his real name is Davey Machaka a content creator with the social media handle “DisnormalBoy”.

The woman in the video, a fellow content creator is known as Boitumelo Mankuroane.

Hungry Lion wanted to gift Davey 50 wings for his over-the-top eating methods. 

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‘Your wings aren’t even good”

Even though their intentions were good, commentators couldn’t help but slander Hungry Lion’s chicken wings

Many Twitter users jumped into the comment section, to disapprove.

One user Philani Ntanzi King said their wings aren’t nice to eat, the franchise cheekily responding saying he was the only one who thought so.

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However, more commentators couldn’t help but poke fun at the conversation, commenting that most people aren’t eating Hungry Lion wings.  

Twitter jokingly slanders Hungry Lion’s wings

Some people did praise the franchise for spotlighting the content creator who has over 538 000 followers on TikTok.

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