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 ‘A single pothole can reproduce faster than two horny rabbits’ – hilarious pothole video goes viral

Potholes, like load shedding have become a norm South Africans are slowly, but angrily, getting used to. A video going viral has brought some humour to the pothole pandemic.

South Africa’s electricity infrastructure is not the only thing crumbling, our roads are in equally bad shape, and when Mzansi’s middle class are not paying for diesel to cook dinner, they’re getting quotes for new tires when the lights and cell phone signal comes back on.

But like always, South Africans seem to find the humour in any ‘k*k’ situation thrown at them to put a smile on the rest of their people’s miserable faces.

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Pothole video goes viral

South African voice artist, actor, MC and content creator, Themba Robin, took to social media to make light of a very frustrating situation in South Africa – potholes.

The video, which has already garnered almost 84 000 views not only provided South Africans with some laughter, but lead to some Johannesburg potholes being fixed.

“I returned to where I shot the #pothole video a few days ago, my prayers have been answered. #JRA at work,” the actor tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

Robin’s pothole video comes hot on the heels of Sanral denying that South Africa has 25 million potholes.

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In the video, Robin can be seen appearing from behind a bush in his khakis next to a road riddled with potholes. In a David Attenborough impression he welcomes viewers to the urban safari.

“Standing behind me is a family of South African potholes, scientifically named the replicis mytyresis every f**king weekis,” he explains while zooming into one of the water-filled potholes.

The video delves further into this new South African species, only extinct in the Western Cape, according to Robin. He then explains why this species of pothole is so superior to other potholes in the world.

“It has two secret weapons. It has learnt to take advantage of a crumbling infrastructure and lazy repair work. This coupled with the fact that it is asexual, means a single pothole can reproduce faster than two horny rabbits in a field full of horny rabbits,” Robin explains while hunching down next to a pothole, looking intensely at the camera.

The remaining 30 seconds of the video really brings out the giggles as the content creator talks about the fact that potholes have no natural predators and is thus free to pray on small to medium sized vehicles such as the i20, Fiestas and Polos.

Watch the pothole video below:  

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