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Rain fails to dampen fans’ spirits at Once Upon a Time in Joburg festival

The Joburg Festival brought in an exceptional lineup of artists, each bringing their unique style and energy to the stage.

The Once Upon a Time in Joburg festival took place this past Saturday, featuring an impressive lineup of talented artists from Mzansi and an international R&B sensation as the headline.

The concert was held in Sandton, Driefontein and the perfect weather matched the vibe of the people. 

However, as the evening progressed, rain added an unexpected twist to the event. Despite the weather, the concert delivered an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment.

Stellar lineup at the Joburg festival

Once Upon a Time in Joburg showcased an exceptional lineup of artists, each bringing their unique style and energy to the stage.

Lordkez mesmerised the audience with her soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, while Marcus Harvey’s dynamic performance infused the venue with an electrifying atmosphere, blending Hip Hop and R&B seamlessly. 

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Xavier Omar’s smooth and soulful voice captivated his fans as they sang along.

According to Omar, it was his first time headlining a festival.

During his set, the crowd wanted more of Omar’s performance. And enjoying the performance like true South Africans, the audience chanted “Xavier, we wanna party!” 

Feeling the love from the crowd, the American artist said: “I feel like I could sneeze and they’re gonna go crazy.”

Xavier Omar’s performance at the Once Upon a Time in Joburg

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Many of the attendees admired Simmy’s beauty, some going as far as labeling her as a real life fairy. Considering the artist’s vibrant outfit and angelic voice, the description fits perfectly. 

Simmy live on stage

Unexpected rainfall

As the concert kicked off, the sun shone brightly, and a gentle breeze carried the excitement in the air. 

People arrived at the venue, eagerly anticipating the incredible performances that awaited them. 

The atmosphere was vibrant and festive, as people with different aesthetics gathered to celebrate their shared love for music.

One of the attendees described the scenery of the venue as ‘ethereal’.

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However, as the evening unfolded, dark clouds unexpectedly gathered, and rain began to pour down. Though it did not last for long, the weather turning unfavorable did not deter the crowd’s spirits.

The fans found shelter under umbrellas and picnic blankets embracing the rain-soaked atmosphere with enthusiasm. 

The rain added an unexpected and thrilling twist to the Joburg Festival, creating a unique and memorable experience for both the artists and the audience who seemed unfazed. 

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