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Did RHOD LaConco just admit it’s over with Jacob Zuma ?

Nonkanyiso Conco's tweet hints she may be single.

The fiancee of former president Jacob Zuma, Nonkanyiso Conco also known as LaConco, has put a spanner in the works on their relationship status.

LaConco appeared in the first season of Real Housewives of Durban, but the star barely shared information about her relationship with Zuma. With many of her disclosures being “read between the lines” and not naming him, she left her cast members and audiences frustrated.

Since then, LaConco has continued to be silent about whether they are still together. However, she tweeted this week something that could be seen to end the conversation about her partnership.


At the end of the tweet, no kuzosha abantu is translated to “no matter what people say”. LaConco wore what appeared to be an engagement ring throughout the show, but people have noticed she isn’t wearing it any more.

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In the reunion, she evaded questions about Zuma although the two have been engaged since 2018. They are rarely seen in public together and in one of the episodes she revealed that because of the person she’s associated with, someone has had access to her private information. This includes her email address and contact number.

LaConco created a conversation on her replies for her tweet, and we still not sure if she’s single or not.

When a person said she is too beautiful to be single, she replied: “Well nazo” –there you have it.

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