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20 Aug 2021
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‘Queen Moroka is back’: Fans react to Sophie Ndaba on ‘House of Zwide’

Kaunda Selisho

e.tv viewers were intrigued to see Sophie Ndaba on House of Zwide' amid her latest personal scandal regarding her marriage to Max Lichaba.

e.tv viewers gushed about how Sophie Ndaba on 'House of Zwide' reminded them of her days as Queen Moroka on 'Generations'. Picture: Instagram

Viewers of e.tv’s latest daily drama were intrigued to see Sophie Ndaba on House of Zwide. This comes just days after her marriage was thrust into the spotlight when her son, Lwandle Ndaba, released a diss track aimed at her ex-husband.

According to the channel, fans will see Sophie on House of Zwide in the role of Joanne “Jo” Phakathi.

Jo is one of the fashion house’s top clients, and she expects to be treated as such.

“Of course there will be drama  – what do you expect when Sophie Ndaba enters House of Zwide with all her flair,” teased the channel in a press statement.

“Ona makes the big mistake of implying that Jo is too fat for the dress she is trying on … and a huge quarrel takes place… This is just the moment Faith has been waiting for and she gives Ona a tongue lashing she will never forget.”

Seeing Sophie on House of Zwide may also make former Generations fans nostaligic as Ndaba once starred on the show in the iconic role of Queen Moroka, alongside Winne Ntshaba as Khethiwe and Vusi Kunene as Jack Mabaso.

Kunene and Ntshaba now play a powerful husband and wife duo with a range of secrets.

Fans react to Sophie on ‘House of Zwide’

Lwandle Ndaba’s diss track

In the diss track, Lwandle (Sophie’s son from her marriage to The Queen actor Themba Ndaba) alleges that Max Lichaba assaulted his mother after he cheated on her with Lwandle’s female best friend.

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He also says that his best friend is young enough to be Lichaba’s daughter, and then proceeds to compare him with the artist R. Kelly.

“You left your wife bruised up on your body. I won’t forget the day you hit her cause you cheated. You cheated with my best friend. She is young enough to be your daughter, R. Kelly wanna be,” said the lyrics of the diss track.

In the song, Lwandle expressed how happy he was that his mother had eventually left Max, and that he was grateful to God that Max was not his biological father.

“I thank God that you are not my father, I feel for your children. My mama, I am glad she chose to leave,” he says in his song.

Lwandle moves on to address his mother’s mental health, and blames Max for steering Sophie into depression and financial instability.

While his parents may be actors, young Lwandle has his sights set firmly on a career in music, radio and television presenting, and content creation.

Max Lichaba responds to Lwandle Ndaba

Speaking to TshisaLIVE in the wake of Lwandle’s song going public, Max expressed his disappointment at the allegations made by his stepson.

“I raised the boy. I still have much love for him and I hope he can leave grown people’s business and focus on his talent in music. He studied in Midrand. I’ve taken him there. I bought him mics, earphones, and everything to continue with that. Because I knew he’s talented with this thing and now all of a sudden he forgets all those things. He didn’t know how to drive. I taught him how to drive,” Lichaba told the publication.

Although Max admitted to having cheated on his wife, he claims that he never laid a hand on her.

Catch Sophie Ndaba on House of Zwide, which airs weeknights at 7pm on e.tv

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