Hein Kaiser
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10 Sep 2021
8:26 am

Time for the endgame: It’s Survivor SA’s final stretch

Hein Kaiser

It’s time for the endgame on Survivor South Africa, Immunity Island as the final four were whittled down to three for next week's finale.

It's the final stretch as remain castaways battle to outplay one another. Picture Supplied.

It’s time for the endgame on Survivor South Africa, Immunity Island, as the final four were whittled down to the last three castaways at the season’s final Tribal Council.

Voting was down to the wire but again Chappies was safe after winning his fifth Immunity Challenge in a row. It’s positioned him as one of the best players across the past 8 local seasons. But in another twist, host Nico shared that the final three don’t get to sigh any smidgen of relief as a major challenge lay ahead in the final two-hour finale next week. In the end, there will only be two finalists, and of course, a single winner with a rather large paycheck.

Food’s been scarce around camp. With Chappies still foraging and feeding outside of the rest of the tribe, he continued arming himself with energy to beat the competition. It was only after taking the spoils at the Immunity and Rewards Challenge combo that he shared a haul of coconuts and sugarcane.

Part of his prize at the challenge was breakfast with a juror of his choice and the privilege to vote out a single member of the jury. Anesu was his tablemate who dispensed some solid strategic advice, leading to Wardah being culled off the jury as Chappies flexed his Survivor Tribal Council muscle.

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In this episode, Chappies managed to move Tyson to the jury bench, but not after cleverly hedging his bets and taking in Tyson’s handshake attempt to stay in the game. By last-minute aligning, while knowing that the Nicole and Anela alliance would rid camp of Tyson anyway, Chappies turned against the twosome and likely secured his former foe’s support at next week’s final.

By pretending to align and visibly voting for someone else, “Survivor is about the individual,” said Chappies. “Thinking and fighting for myself first and then everyone else.”

In a season of Survivor where wallpaper contestants fell by the wayside early on, power players emerged late with surprises like Nicole and Anela making it to the bitter end. Nicole’s physicality and disarming nature may have had everyone fooled from the get-go while Anela has bumbled and stumbled across the almost-there line with what seems to be a wishy-washy strategy of going where the wind blows.

But in the world’s biggest and longest-running reality game show, it’s all about ridding the tribe of sideshows and narrowing down the competition, finally culling the biggest threats to a survivor’s win. This resulted in Kiran and Tyson’s exits.

Now, it’s Chappies versus Nicole and in the sidecar, Anela. Don’t miss next week’s two-hour finale that will see contestants stretched to the limit and the jury giving away the grand prize.