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9 Dec 2021
4:05 pm

SA short film aims to raise funds for GBV shelters

Citizen Reporter

By giving 16 minutes of your time, you can help raise much-needed funds and services for victims of gender-based violence.

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Award-winning South African production company, Tribal Alchemy Productions, is leading the charge to raise funds to support its work with gender-based violence (GBV) shelters, while also supporting local talent.

The National Shelter Movement of South Africa (NSMSA) represents about 100 shelters for victims of abuse. In a statement, they said that just watching 16 minutes of their short film, Two Hues, would help raise much-needed funds and services for victims of GBV.

Tribal Alchemy Productions, led by Weema Williams, partnered with a US-based online streaming platform Herflix.

Herflix is a films platform created by women for women. They have offered to donate 20% of the proceeds from Two Hues towards NSMSA

NSMSA’s executive chair Dr Zubeda Dangor said the organisation struggled with funding shortages, particularly from government.

This hampers their efforts to protect victims of GBV and have encouraged everyone to watch the short film.

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Two Hues is about a bipolar woman who deals with post-traumatic stress after a sexual assault and the film follows her life while she navigates the patriarchy in her family and workplace.

Watch the Two Hues trailer below:

The movie is currently being made into a feature film and has been screened in international festivals, winning multiple awards since its release in 2020.

It stars Williams, Abidah Dixon Mohammed, Abdu Adams, Khalil Kathrada, Danielle Comley and Emil van Niekerk.

Willams says being part of the film was a no-brainer.

“The work the organisation does is vital to disrupting gender-based violence in our country, as it provides victims of violence with a safe space to regroup, heal and get stronger. It is, therefore, quite shocking that they remain so critically underfunded,” she said.

Click here to stream Two Hues.