Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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25 Apr 2022
2:27 pm

‘Diamonds and Dolls’ goes international 

Kaunda Selisho

Ahead of season two, Diamonds and Dolls will introduce two new castmates to replace Zimbabwean-born Lolo Mlunjwana and Lumi Jemma. 

The cast of Diamonds and Dolls | Picture: Instagram

South African reality show Diamonds and Dolls is set to go international and those familiar with the show can’t believe it was even able to get to that point.

The show debuted earlier this year and chronicled the goings-on in the life of club host Tebogo Ramokgadi and his “dolls,” Inno Morolong, Eva Modika, Lumi Jemma and Paloma Mlunjwana.

According to Showmax, Diamonds and Dolls is a six-episode reality show based on the lives of four slay queens, all club hostesses and influencers, on a journey towards fame, fortune and, more significantly, discovering themselves.

First filmed in 2017, the aesthetic of the show felt a little dated for the modern age and it showed in the public’s response to the show.

While it had its fans, for the most part, some viewers were left with more questions than answers.

The unbecoming conduct of some of the show’s stars online, all in the pursuit of attention and media coverage on urban blogs has also left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Nevertheless, the show’s cast seems to adhere to the principle of “all publicity is good publicity” as they gear up for the second season of the show which will reportedly air in the US and Brazil. 

To that effect, Diamonds and Dolls has unveiled two new cast members in the form of Katlego Dlomo and Noel Arteece.

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They are set to replace Zimbabwean born castmates Lolo Mlunjwana and Lumi Jemma. 

Speaking to Drum, Ramokgadi (who also serves as the show’s series producer) explained the ladies’ exits and chalked it up to schedule clashes. 

“Lolo came with drama. We love her but the offscreen drama was too messy. Lumi was hardly available and travelled a lot. We might feature both of them as guests, but we wanted girl diversity.” 

He added that he and the team behind the show have ambitions of including cast members from other African countries in future. 

Arteece Noel is a Federal travel nurse and two time BSc degree holder but judging from her Instagram profile, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Her account screams luxury and travel and that is what Ramokgadi seems to hope she will bring to the new season of his show.

Noel also does club appearances, similar to what the show’s other cast members do.

Dhlomo is affiliated with commercial real estate agency Diamante Realty Group. She is also a self-described fitness enthusiast.

There is currently no listed release date for Diamonds and Dolls season two.