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‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’ star Mel Viljoen robbed at gunpoint

The founder of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa revealed shocking details about how she was robbed by two men who made off with her 10-carat diamond wedding ring amongst other things.

Episode 3 of Die Real Housewives van Pretoria aired on Thursday night, and the latest episode was once again filled with gossip, drama and a very shocking revelation.

Founder of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, who is married to the notorious ex-lawyer Peet Viljoen, shocked Mzansi on Thursday when she revealed the details of a traumatising event that happened to her.

Speaking during one of her ‘confessionals’ during episode three of RHOPTA Mel recalled the traumatising morning when she arrived at work and was robbed by thugs.

Mel explained how two men with guns waited for her when she got out of her car in the underground parking at work, demanding her wedding ring.

The business owner said her ring was two sizes too small and she calmly told the thieves not to harm her and that they can take anything they want, which they did she said, including her very sentimental 10-carat diamond wedding ring.

During his private ‘confessional’ husband Peet said that his wife’s ring was very unique, but that he is planning on surprising her with a very unusual diamond for her new ring.

Peet said he would spend his last cent on a ring for his wife and that a man’s love for his wife can often be seen on her left hand.

The CEO of Tammy Taylor Nails said he is not necessarily very romantic; he just loves his wife very much and hopes that his gesture can remove some of the trauma of the robbery.

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Pastor Marie

Marie Bosman has been ‘bullied’ by Mel since the start of the show and Twitter nearly lost their minds when the blonde asked who the poor housewife was during episode 1.

But the humble pastor doesn’t seem bothered by the blonde’s sharp tongue, despite her and Kiki La Coco’s offer to pay for her make-over and Botox to get rid of her frown lines in last week’s episode.

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During a meet-up with Marie and Renske, Lana, the pregnant, housewife, told Marie that she is concerned about her after Mel and Kiki’s thinly veiled cattiness at her gender reveal party.

The thick-skinned pastor assured the second-time-mom-to-be that she actually thinks the two blondes are very charming and that she is not fazed by their comments about her age.

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Kiki’s house hunting expedition

Kiki La Coco is still searching for the perfect family home for herself, husband Malcolm Wentzel and their kids.

The influencer and content creator met up with estate agent Michael van Riel to look at a home in Waterkloof.

The R45 million mansion’s entertainment area impressed the blonde as both her and her husband like to party, but she quickly lost interest when they headed upstairs to look at the bedrooms.

Despite boasting tennis courts and a 30m swimming pool overlooking Johannesburg and Pretoria, Kiki was horrified when she saw the dressing room – not nearly enough space for her. She also felt that the hallways of the mansion was too narrow.

She asked the estate agent to focus on the dressing room when he next shows her a house as she likes to see what she is going to wear and can’t open cupboards to decide on her outfit for the day.

Catch Die Real Housewives van Pretoria every Thursday at 8pm, on kykNET (DStv Channel 144).

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