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PICS: Inside Idols SA Season 19 first live show

The women participated in duets with former contestants and winners, creating an amazing performance during the Idols SA Saturday live show.

Full of intense emotions, soaring melodies, and show-stopping collaborations: Saturday marked the exciting start of the inaugural live show for Season 19 of Idols SA.

The group of six talented women, who have secured their spots in the top 12, delivered an electrifying performance at the Mosaïek Teatro in Johannesburg, captivating a lively audience of 2,500 attendees.

Now relying solely on the support of the viewers, these contestants poured their passion into their vocal performances, vying for crucial votes by partnering with previous champions and top contenders from past Idols SA seasons, before taking the stage individually.

Lungile and Yanga's live performance on Idols SA season 19
Lungile and Yanga’s live performance. Picture: Supplied

Opening performance

The show started with Lungile and Yanga, who won season 14, singing Not Yet Uhuru by Letta Mbulu. Lungile followed it up with a solo performance of Inhliziyo by Lloyiso and Langa Mavuso.

Thembi Seete hailed Lungile’s performance as ‘a powerful way to start the show’, while Somizi said she was quite nervous to start with but redeemed herself “to the core” with her second song.

Niikiey and Mmatema

Niikiey and Mmatema's live perfomance on Idols SA season 19
Niikiey and Mmatema’s live performance. Picture: Supplied

Following Lungile’s performance, the spotlight turned to Niikiey.

She joined forces with Mmatema, the winner of season 11, for a duet of Mmatema’s Make a Way. Later, Niikiey tackled Zonke’s Inhliziyo on her own.

“Your second performance showed variation. Your range is incredible,” remarked judge JR.

Thembi urged Niikiey to play around with her voice.

“Do not be scared – relax and enjoy yourself.”

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Neve and Paxton

Neve and Paxton's live performance.
Neve and Paxton’s live performance. Picture: Supplied

Next in line was Neve.

She teamed up with Paxton, the champion of season 13, for a rendition of Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Neve’s solo performance featured Madison Ryann Ward’s Mirror.

The judges offered a mix of feedback for Neve.

“You need to be honest with yourself – if the key feels uncomfortable, say so. Your lower range is not that strong. You tend to be swallowed up when you go low,” said Somizi.

Thembi applauded Neve: “What stands out is your voice control. You have a soothing, powerful voice.”

Lungelo and Karabo

Lungelo and Karabo's live performance. Picture: Supplied
Lungelo and Karabo’s live performance. Picture: Supplied

Lungelo teamed up with Karabo, the winner of season 11, to perform his new song Safe.

She followed it up with a solo performance of Jill Scott’s Golden, which deeply affected Somizi.

“I wasn’t just listening to you, I wasn’t just judging you – I felt like I was attending your very first live concert. What you achieved there marked the beginning of the competition. You absolutely deserve a ‘Whoo-shem!”

Sena and Lloyiso

Sena and Lloyiso's live performance. Picture: Supplied
Sena and Lloyiso’s live performance. Picture: Supplied

Afterwards, Sena stepped onto the stage alongside Lloyiso from season 15 to deliver his track Lonely Without You.

She then took the stage alone to present Jessica LM’s Juba Lami. All judges were impressed, and Somizi remarked: “If we were using scorecards, you would be leading the pack. Your performance exudes incredible power.”

Princess and Musa

Princess and Musa's live performance. Picture: Supplied
Princess and Musa’s live performance. Picture: Supplied

Finishing off the show was Princess.

She sang together with Musa, who won season 9, his song Xolele. She also gave a rendition of Rihanna’s Russian Roulette.

“You are a powerhouse vocalist. I cannot wait to see more of you. Congratulations,” said JR.

Somizi declared Princess’s performance as “the performance of the night,” cheering her on with a spirited “Whoo-shem!”

Highlights of the next show

This coming Saturday, 26 August, the male contestants (Envic, Faith, Nkosi, Sipho, Thabo, and Thando) will be performing. Each of them will sing two songs and also team up with the guest performers from this past Saturday for some duets.

The winner of Idols SA season 19 will get a record deal from JR’s FeelGood Music, a new Toyota Vitz car from Toyota, fashion vouchers, and a wardrobe from Truworths.

Viewers will then decide the top 10, which will be announced via a live show on 2 September.

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