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RHODurban: Mabusi ‘deserves to be an official cast member’

Jojo confronted Mabusi about calling her husband an "old man" however the two's meeting did not turn out well.

The game lodge trip planned by Londie London has been a whirlwind for her guests on Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) and there is still drama after the ladies left Nambiti Hills Lodge. 

In the latest episode that streamed on Showmax on Friday, Jojo was still feeling guilty for leaving her husband to go on the bushveld trip after he had a heart attack a week prior.

Jojo informed her husband Mabusi had questioned their age gap and called him an “old man” during a question and answer session that turned ugly amongst the women. 

Jojo felt she needed to confront Mabusi about the “old man” comment and the two’s lunch expectedly turned sour. 

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The meeting between Jojo and Mabusi was the most talked about amongst viewers on Twitter.

Jojo didn’t hold any punches and went straight to the point. Jojo asked if Mabusi was the one who asked what it is like being married to an old man.

Mabusi denied she was the one who asked the question anonymously, but Jojo wasn’t buying it. 

Mabusi said it was a fact that Jojo’s partner was old and her question was more on marrying outside your race, adding that the confrontation was unnecessary. 

Jojo proceeded to tell Mabusi that she doesnt like her referring to her husband as an “old man”.

Mabusi said the game also affected her, as she was offended that someone assumed she buys fake Louis Vuitton items.

Jojo admitted she was the one who asked the question and she “didn’t know” if Mabusi was actually wealthy because the luxury purchases are above R30,000. 

Mabusi hit back and said: “I am not wealthy, I am a hard worker.”

She said Jojo’s assumption was offensive adding she is a spoilt wife and gets everything she wants. Mabusi had enough and left their luncheon prematurely.   

Londie’s trip was clearly still on all the housewife’s lips when they returned home as the host, Sorisha and Jojo had their own catch-up at Annie’s new home.

Londie made a comment saying that the new cast member, Thobile, is almost forgettable, and criticised her fashion looks saying she couldn’t connect with her because she feels Thobile has a wall and is not allowing people in. 

Sorisha defended Nonku’s behaviour, saying she is misunderstood and is better in one in one situations rather than a group setting, adding Nonku’s drinking at times doesnt make her coherent.

Reactions to the latest RHODurban esipode:

LaConco and Londie had their own discussion and Nonku’s drinking came up once again, as they questioned why she was drunk or drank too much during their get together.

Londie made a comment that Nonku was a “dark person”, suggesting drama seems to follow her everywhere she goes.

LaConco’s mystery man was also discussed as some housewives do not believe he exists and the businesswoman was tired of hearing that she is making him up.

The episode ended with Jojo’s “Jochella” a play on the Coachella festival in the United States.

Londie informed her she couldn’t perform at Jochella and Jojo freaked out and wasn’t happy at all with the last minute cancellation.

Nonku wasn’t happy when Sorisha suggested she needed to stop drinking after which a mini intervention was staged.