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RHODurban: Is Jojo this season’s bone collector?

Jojo has been taking the tea on this season of RHODurban and playing broken telephone with it when sharing it with the rest of the cast.

After leaving things off on a cliffhanger, episode four of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) picks up in the thick of things as Sorisha Naidoo made her dramatic escape to avoid being in the presence of the toxic Sanelisiwe Bhengu. 

But not before informing her host, Nonku Williams, about why she will no longer be staying for her party. 

The party was held to celebrate Nonku’s year of celibacy and her mother, the woman affectionately known to the cast as ‘The Queen’.

Meet ‘Rough Diamond’ 

She also introduced her boyfriend, Dumisani Ndlazi, to her guests using his nickname, ‘Rough Diamond’.

Nonku Williams and Dumisani Ndlazi
Nonku Williams and Dumisani Ndlazi | Picture: Instagram

In her RHODurban diary sessions, Maria kept on referring to him as “The Tinder Swindler” but would not explain why she kept calling him that.

Some days later, Nonku’s friends sat her down to talk about “RD” (as she calls him) and Slee was adamant about Nonku using her discernment in the relationship and making sure to not only guard her heart but to find out what kind of father he is to his own children before introducing him to her children. 

Sane’s spa intervention 

Maria invited Sane to a spa day as a way to try and get through to her and explain why the group has an issue with her but Sane was not having it. 

“I’m trying so much to tell her that nobody likes her!” said Maria in her diary session. 

The resolution that they came to was for everyone to talk about their issues. 

Spiritual connection 

Slindile Wendy Ndlovu
The Real Housewives of Durban cast member Slindile Wendy Ndlovu | Picture: Supplied

Slee took a break from being a troublemaker to meet with Sorisha to find some fabric for a client of hers. 

The conversation quickly became spiritual as Slee confided in Sorisha about her spiritual journey. She then noted the threaded bracelet that Sorisha often wears which she explained as a prayer in the Hindu culture for wealth. 

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Sorisha noted that Slee also had threaded bracelets of her own and took the opportunity to ask her what hers are for. 

Sorisha then gushed about Slee in her RHODurban diary session, which bodes well for their budding friendship. 

The ladies discuss ‘Rough Diamond’

Bringing Annie up to speed about Nonku’s celibacy celebration – which Annie did not attend – the ladies initially had nice things to say about Nonku’s man. 

Annie immediately noticed that Slee was quiet about the topic but Slee denied being reserved and added “all we can do is to support our friend because this is what she wants. What I want for her or what I think is neither here nor there, as long as she’s happy, she has my blessing”. 

Is Jojo this season’s bone collector?

According to Reality Tea and American Elle, the bone collector on Real Housewives is someone who collects everyone’s secrets and tells them to everyone despite the repercussions and Jojo has been doing a lot of that this season. 

She started with Sane’s comment about Annie sleeping her way to the top and RHODurban episode four, she exaggerated what Slee had said to the group in a private meeting between her and Nonku. 

“So we were at Annie’s party the other day… The topic of your man came up and I said he dotes over you and then Slee was like making faces on the side…” 

Jojo then misreported what Slee said and made it seem as though Slee harboured negative feelings about Nonku’s relationship. 

Nonku then resolved that they meet with everyone present and hash things out.


The two of them later met with Slee where Nonku told her that she felt as though she was being undermined by her. 

Slee said what Jojo told Nonku was “bullsh**” and “rubbish”.

She then decided that her friendship with Nonku was not worth all the fighting and she decided to cut Nonku off and only co-exist with her in her capacity as a cast member of RHODurban

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