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RHODurban: Is Sane Londie London’s biggest fan?

A new 'RHODurban' friend to the show named Sane recently went on a verbal tirade against Londie London after Londie called her a stranger.

It’s Real Housewives of Dubran (RHODurban) Wednesday and a new episode has left viewers feeling as though the world needs less people like Sane. 

Annie reveals Bell’s Palsy diagnosis

Picking up where the last episode ended after Jojo’s dinner, the episode began with a chat between Annie and Jojo after the latter’s dinner guests had retired for the evening. 

Annie told Jojo that she had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy during her first pregnancy and as a result, part of her face often drooped due to facial numbness.

Tweets making fun of her “lazy eye” then flashed across the screen as she shared a tender moment with her fellow RHODurban cast mate. 

Annie also shared how she had been bullied growing up, revealing how this had affected her significantly. 

Nonku’s blind date 

The recently celibate Nonku let the cameras follow her as she went on a date with a man named Dumisani Ndlazi who pressed her for an answer about whether or not they could get into a relationship. 

The pair went back and forth, sharing their relationship do’s and don’t’s with each other to find out whether or not they were on the same page and it did not seem to be going well.

Maria is not feeling Sorisha’s queen bee status

For the past two seasons, Sorisha has been hailed as the queen bee of the cast given her social status, however, new cast member Maria Valaskatzis looks set to challenge that. 

While telling her friend Ruan what went down at Jojo’s dinner, she questioned Sorisha’s actions when a dispute arose at the dinner. 

“Was she trying to prove that she has authority over the group? Like, was she the mommy of the group?” she asked before later stating “quite, frankly darling, you’re not” in her diary session. 

Maria, surprisingly revealed that she got bad vibes from Sorisha the minute she got off the horse-drawn carriage at Jojo’s dinner and accused Sorisha of speaking over her and treating her as though she does not exist. 

Ruan asked if Sorisha felt threatened by the fact that another beautiful Indian woman had entered the fray and Maria simply said “Sorisha is a lady and all ladies are threatened by a queen”. 

Mbali opens up about losing her children

After last week’s much-talked-about-dinner, Mbali went to meet up with Nonku whom she says she’s most interested in forming a friendship with and openly answered Nonku’s questions about the child loss she has disclosed to Jojo’s guests. 

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One of her children died, aged 16, after a life-long issue with his heart that led to him being a sickly child. Two years after his passing, she tried to have another child only to end up having an ectopic pregnancy that had to be terminated in order to save her life. 

She couldn’t finish her story without bursting into tears and Nonku hugged her tightly and prayed for her while consoling her in a moment that warmed the hearts of RHODurban viewers. 

Nightime pool party

The episode topped off with a nighttime pool party hosted by Maria, attended by Jojo, Nonku and Mbali. 

Maria immediately asked the women to spill some tea about the infamous dinner which led to a chat about how the rest of them felt about Sorisha’s behaviour. 

Elsewhere, Sorisha met with her new bestie, Sli and Annie, to have their own chat about Jojo’s dinner. 

Sorisha and Sli then told Annie what was said about her marriage and the insinuation that she was afraid of her husband. She brushed it off as her simply holding her husband in high regard and showing him the utmost respect. 

Sli vs Nonku

Despite being introduced to the group by Nonku, Sli already seems to be beefing with her friend in favour of new friendships with the other women in the cast.

Nonku confronted her with the hopes of rekindling their friendship despite Sli being short with her during the entire exchange. 

When speaking face to face, the pair seemed to reconcile but their RHODurban dairy sessions told a different story about where their friendship stands. 

Sorisha’s spa launch 

The launch of Sorisha’s latest business venture wasn’t without drama as a new spicy character, named Sane, randomly joined the ladies to stir. 

Her tiff with Sli caused tensions to boil over between Jojo and Sli leading to a screaming match between the two women. 

Nonku found herself caught in the middle of a “she said/she said” exchange that was brought to an abrupt end by Londie’s dramatic entrance and Slindile’s dramatic exit. 

Another fight erupted when Sorisha’s guest Sane passed a barrage of nasty comments about Londie and the end of her relationship after Londie refused to speak about her relationship in front of a stranger (that stranger being Sane). 

Viewers will only get to see what Londie has to say about it all on next week’s episode.

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