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Uthando Nesthembu: MaNgwabe says she will always have MaKhumalo’s back

MaNgwabe's declaration that she will always have MaKhumalo's back has left Uthando Nesthembu viewers wondering if the wives are divided.

After last week’s sad turn of events that left Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku’s feelings hurt on Uthando Nesthembu, this week’s episode picked up on a more cheerful note as her family prepared to host umcimbi (a celebratory event). 

Ahead of their event, MaKhumalo let her sisters know what went down between her and MaCele. 

“As you know, I always go to my sister wives’ ceremonies, so I took the initiative to invite them to my ceremony…”

“After I had invited them, it was clear that there were ladies who were not keen on coming…” she told her sisters. 

MaKhumalo further explained that whenever she makes arrangements for ceremonies involving her home, her in-laws are always involved in that planning. 

Speaking to her family, she further lamented how she shows so much support to MaCele and added that she was disappointed about how that was not reciprocated. 

uThando Nes'thembu
Musa Mseleku and his four wives. Picture: Instagram

“I thought we had a connection and that we were close,” she added, recalling a time she worked – for free – as a programme director at MaCele’s niece’s wedding. 

“Her excuse was that if the ceremony was at Mzumbe, she would have come but she doesn’t come anyway when I host an event in the yard at that home.”

She concluded by setting an intention to have fun regardless of the snub by MaCele. 

Musa dismisses MaYeni’s help 

Uthando Nesthembu viewers also got to see Musa’s preparations for the ceremony which involved his sons. He used the opportunity to impart more cultural knowledge on his sons. 

He was also joined by MaYeni who helped him prepare for the umembeso even though she refused to attend it. 

During his diary session, Musa said that MaYeni’s actions meant nothing to him simply because refused to attend the event. 

“Maybe her conscience is haunting her…” theorised the Uthando Nesthembu patriarch. 

In her own diary session, MaYeni said she was simply doing what anyone else would have done and said that she was doing it wholeheartedly. 

She also reiterated that she had no regrets about choosing not to go and stated that she would stay home instead and guide people where to go if they show up at the main homestead looking for the event.

MaKhumalo’s umembeso 

The celebration at MaKhumalo’s home closed out the season as it was the final event of Uthando Nesthembu season 6 and it was attended by Lwandle and Mpumelelo despite their mothers’ refusal to attend. 

Musa explained that they were there because the disagreement among his wives had nothing to do with the kids. 

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As Musa explained the situation to his brother and complained about MaCele’s petulant behaviour, MaKhumalo ran into a snag as she got ready after hearing that the key to the kitchen was missing. 

Her family ended up having to break in using one of the windows because they could not find the key on time. 

Musa then made an odd comment about his family abandoning him because of his success and stated that his neighbours had come to the event to support him in place of family since he did not have a family. 

After a two-hour wait, the gift-exchanging ceremony finally began and gave the two families a chance to observe to long-standing Zulu tradition. 

Despite all the drama with the two older wives, MaKhumalo did receive support from Musa’s fourth wife MaNgwabe (Mbali). 

During her Uthando Nesthembu diary session, she said that MaKhumalo knows that she has her back, “no matter what”. 

“Nothing would have stopped me from coming. She knows that.”

MaNgwabe said she had never seen MaKhumalo as happy as she was on the day of the ceremony. 

That joy was short-lived, however, as guests began to eat food that was meant for the Mseleku family, leaving Musa and his family/ representatives to starve. 

The situation brought MaKhumalo to tears as she considered calling the whole thing off due to her running order being messed up. 

After a brief-off camera pep talk from her loved ones, she cleaned up her tear-stained face, replacing it with a megawatt smile for her guests – including Real Housewives of Durban star, Nonku Williams.

We counted a total of three dress changes for the bride while her husband stuck to his double-breasted grey suit. 

The high of the wedding speeches was short-lived as Musa mentioned something his wives felt he shouldn’t have mentioned in a wedding speech. Speaking directly to his sons, he reminded them that he felt it was their duty to marry someone from the Khumalo family. 

This was in reference to the fact that MaKhumalo is not able to have children and traditionally, Musa says it is a must that he has a child with someone from the Khumalo family. 

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