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‘Uzalo’ this week: The walls are closing in on Fikile

Watch 'Uzalo' this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday 11 May 

Gabisile is on a mission to clear her name, but it’s not as easy as she’d hoped it would be. Thulani and Godfather make a tactful move to sabotage Nkunzi. Fikile is on full shopping spree mode, much to Sbu’s discomfort.

Tuesday 12 May 

MaNgcobo, Nkunzi and Sibonelo face an uphill battle in their quest to solidify partnerships. Gabisile goes to the ends of the world to prove her innocence and Sbu makes a life changing decision.

Wednesday 13 May 

While Nkunzi is busy building, Thulani is busy sabotaging him. Gabisile plays hardball with Nomcebo and Fikile finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place.

Thursday 14 May 

A lack of planning by Sibonelo’s team could be very costly. Just as Gabisile thinks she’s winning, her world is turned upside down by a phone call. Fikile digs herself deeper and deeper into a hole.

Friday 15 May 

MaZaza throws an ultimatum at Gabisile, baying for her blood. Sibonelo and his crew arrive at the heist location after duping Nkunzi. The walls are closing in on Fikile, she has to pay up.
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