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Why ‘Uzalo’ producers picked Sjava to play a Gqom-loving, hostel-dwelling hitman

Producers said they chose the singer because he is unapologetic about his culture and he possesses the raw energy that the role requires.

In the next few months, die-hard Uzalo fans will get the chance to get to know new character Jombigazi played by award-winning musician Sjava (real name Jabulani Makhubo).

There has been a lot of fanfare about the news of him joining the cast and along with fanfare comes questions. So Uzalo executive producer Mmamiste Thibedi sat down to answer a few frequently asked questions about Sjava’s new role.

Sjava as Jombigazi onset of Uzalo | Images: Supplied (iMprente Media)

1. What role is Sjava going to be playing?

He is Mageba’s right-hand man and part of Nkunzi’s former alliance. Trigger happy, calculating, deeply steeped in hostel culture.

2. Please take us through the character

Jombigazi is a trigger-happy young man. He has worked with Mageba since he was a kid. He is loyal to Mageba and to no other. He always wears a mean face and if you see him smile, know that there’s trouble coming your way. He’s racked up a big body count, and he’s not done yet…

He loves Maskandi music and Gqom. He is a man of few words. He is never without his leather jacket, even on the hottest day.

3. When is he expected to make his debut onscreen?

Friday, 6 November 2020 at 8.30pm on SABC 1.

Sjava as Jombigazi onset of Uzalo | Images: Supplied (iMprente Media)

4. What made Sjava the right candidate for the character?

He’s perfect because he’s a great performer and his musical persona is aligned with this creator we created. He’s unapologetic about his culture and the raw energy he possesses is exactly what the role requires.

Sjava is one of the many new faces that will be making an appearance over the course of the next two months in an effort by the show’s producers “to deliver exciting twists and riveting storylines”.

This, according to producers, is part of their commitment to giving the viewers what the want; “exciting storylines, jaw-dropping cliffhangers and talented South African actors”.

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(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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