Leigh Crymble
2 minute read
13 Feb 2014
6:00 am

The Lo Down: Spread the love this Valentine’s Day

Leigh Crymble

Tomorrow is a day synonymous with love, chocolates and flowers, all in the name of Saint Valentine.

Picture: iStockphoto.

If you’re reading this in a panic, having left your V-day gift shopping to the last minute, never fear. Here are my gift suggestions for that special someone, depending on how long you still have before you see them.

12 hours to go

Relax. You’ve got it better than those who are already en route to meet their date. Take a deep breath and get yourself to the nearest shopping mall. Find a Kodak/FotoFirst, print a picture of you with your partner, and select a frame for it. Next, buy a gift bag and card. Voila, you’ve got yourself a seemingly well thought-out gift.



Six hours to go

You are pressed for time but you can still pull this off. A scent is the way to go. The fragrance counter is overwhelming with all its options so go for a classic brand. For the female gift recipient, choose Chanel No. 5 – a perfume that everyone knows and loves. For the male recipient, ask for the stylish scent of Armani Code Homme. Most retailers offer complimentary gift wrapping, too.

Two hours to go

Tick tock. You don’t have enough time to get to a florist so your choices are limited to flowers from your local grocery store. Take off the cellophane wrap and discard all but one flower – it is far more romantic to receive a single stemmed rose/daisy/chrysanthemum. Then, try to get a booking at the first restaurant you visited as a couple. Play that sentimental card!

En route to meet

I judge you. But you still have time. A timeless gift has always been a box of chocolates but often, this comes across as a rushed purchase. Which right now, it is. Avoid the usual Cadbury offerings. Instead, select something (from the Engen you’ve run into) that is more unusual such as an organic chocolate bar. It might work to also buy one of those personalised coke cans that say: ‘Share a coke with your Valentine’ if your date has a sense of humour.

If all else fails and you’re caught gift-less, you can always try telling your partner that every day is Valentine’s Day for your love and that you refuse to succumb to the commercialism of February 14. Good luck with that.