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Jacques Cilliers
2 minute read
4 Sep 2017
12:19 pm

Holden Manz launches new Chenin Blanc and Rosé

Jacques Cilliers

White wine is tricky. However, this Franschhoek winery has launched two wines that will help you enjoy something other than red this spring.

Holden Manz launched their maiden Chenin Blanc and new rosé in Johannesburg. Picture: Jacques Cilliers

Springtime means two things: Sunny days and summer wines. If you’re a wine lover, Holden Manz launched their new Rosé and Chenin Blanc last week, and even if you’re a red or a white wine kind of connoisseur, you’re covered. They’ve won more than 20 awards in the last year for their different offerings.

The 2017 Rosé is a peachy one. Fifty percent of Syrah & Grenache make this bottle a little more red than its predecessor. Gerard Holden, owner of Holden Manz, describes this rosé as “something that can be enjoyed in the afternoon or at the pool”.

I enjoy red wine more than white – it’s a personal preference. However, this white was really good. It wasn’t overwhelmingly fruity, nor was it too sour. When asked about the acidity, Holden responds with a laugh: “There will be no acid reflux, if that’s what you’re worried about!” This wine pairs well with seafood – especially oysters. If you’re feeling risky, try it with spicy foods as well.

Here’s what Holden Manz had to say about their 2017 Rosé:


The farm tried their hand at Chenin Blanc as well. There’s a definite French influence, which can be attributed to their winemaker, Thierry Haberer.  “The chenin was mixed up to get the mix that Thierry wants.”

The winemaker completed his studies and acquired a lot of practical knowledge doing seasonal work in Bordeaux. This Chenin Blanc was made in 2017, so it’s a young one. Eighty percent of this batch was fermented in a tank, and 20% was fermented in a barrel – so there was not a lot of contact with the wood. This chenin is the perfect companion for salads.

Want to know more about their maiden Chenin Blanc? Read here:

However, these are just two of the wines in their whole range. Their Cabernet Franc, Visionaire and Vernissage are also solid bets if you’re looking to impress.

The Holden Manz Wine estate – also known as Franschhoek’s Hidden Gem – is owned by Gerard Holden and Migo Manz. At Holden Manz, you don’t only drink wine. You can book a wedding, visit their gallery, dine at their restaurant or stay over at their country house.