Hayden Horner
1 minute read
5 Aug 2020
11:43 am

Manaka Ranaka tired of women ‘prostituting’ themselves

Hayden Horner

The 'Generations' actress said she doesn't like the idea of women dating for money

Manaka Ranaka. Picture: File photo

Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka joined a social media conversation this week where the issue of women dating men for cash was the hot topic.

What initially began as a comment from local comedian Celeste Ntuli that she was not about that life soon erupted into a fierce debate where Ranaka slammed women who “feel entitled” to their partners’ money.

Comparing the behaviour to prostitution, Ranaka said: “I can’t stand girls that feel entitled to other kids’ money. These girls think men have become employment. Instead, they don’t see how they are prostituting themselves in the name of mojolo (dating).”

She also added that women should work for their own coins and that they should not feel entitled to other people’s money.

“I can’t stand girls that feel entitled to other kids’ money,” she said.

Meanwhile, Celeste Ntuli urged for there to be an open discussion on women who “prostitute themselves” to get things from men.

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