Lerato Maimela
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29 Mar 2021
12:50 pm

My surgeon gave me bigger boobs without asking – Sharon Stone

Lerato Maimela

'When I was unbandaged, I discovered that I had a full cup size bigger breasts,' says Stone on her unauthorized boob job.

Sharon Stone has spoken out about non-consensual breast enhancement. Picture: Instagram

Actress, producer and former fashion model Sharon Stone has spoken out about the incident when her surgeon enhanced her breasts during surgery without her consent, to make her breasts look “better and bigger”.

The Basic Instinct star said she went into surgery in 2001 with the sole purpose of removing benign tumors from her body, but when she awoke she discovered she had “cup-size bigger breasts”.

“When I was unbandaged, I discovered that I had a full cup-size bigger breasts, ones that he said, ‘go better with your hip size’.

Sharon says her surgeon felt she would look better with bigger boobs and that is why he took the decision to enhance her breasts without her knowledge or consent.

The actress revealed that during her long recovery period in and out of the hospital after suffering a stroke, her late grandmother paid her a visit.

“One night I awoke to my grandmother Lela standing at the foot of my bed. I know that sounds reasonable, except my grandmother had been dead for 30 years”, says Stone.

“She looked beautiful. She smelled beautiful: she always wore Guerlain perfume, Shalimar. She was at her best, wearing her favourite suit and hat. She said, ‘We don’t really know what’s wrong with you – we are working on it. But whatever you do, don’t move your neck’.”

Stone has recently released her book, titled The Beauty of Living Twice. In the book Sharon opens up about the stroke she had that cost her not only her health, but her career, family and global fame. The book gives a look into Stone’s efforts to rebuild her career and her slow but promising journey to a healthy life.



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