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25 May 2021
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WATCH: A recap of the funniest moments on the sitcom ‘Friends’

Lerato Maimela

Take a trip down memory lane and have a laugh with these five snippets from the funniest moments and episodes from the sitcom 'Friends"

The cast of 'Friends'. Picture: Twitter

With the Friends reunion on its way, we thought it would be a delight to look back on the funniest and most memorable moments and episodes from the globally loved sitcom to remind you why Friends was and indeed still is one of our favourite television shows.

The One Hundredth

In this episode Phoebe had offered to be the surrogate mother for her brother and his wife. On this day she was due to give birth to her brother’s triplets.

Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel and Ross accompanied Phoebe to the hospital. When they got there Joey started experiencing pains at the exact same time that Phoebe was getting contractions.

After an examination it was revealed that Joey was suffering from kidney stones. He was then admitted and had to wait for the stones to pass on their own.

 The One With Ross’s Sandwich

Ross showed up at the Central Park coffee shop with a long face. When Joey asked him what was wrong, he said someone at the office ate his leftover turkey sandwich. Filled with rage he explained how he had been looking forward to eating the sandwich all day and he even left a note on the sandwich which said:

“Knock knock

Who’s there?

Ross’s lunch

Ross’s lunch who?

Ross’s lunch please don’t take me, okay?”

The next day at the office Ross was approached by his boss saying that he has been receiving complaints about Ross’s behavior.  Ross explained he was fine, but a little angry about the sandwich that one of his colleagues ate from the office fridge.

It was later revealed that Ross’s boss was the one who ate the sandwich. Ross lost it when he found out, resulting in Ross having to see a work psychiatrist.

The One Where Joey Speaks French 

Joey needs to learn how to speak French for an acting job, so Phoebe offers to teach him as she speaks the language.

During their first lesson, Phoebe says a few phrases and asks Joey to repeat after her. Joey thinks he is doing a good job, but he struggles to repeat every single phrase that Phoebe is trying to teach him.

After two lessons Phoebe eventually gives up and leaves Joey to go ahead with the interview on the little to no French he knows.

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The One Where Phoebe Runs

Rachel and Phoebe have been living together for some time while Rachel is still looking for an apartment of her own.

The roomies decide they’re going to start running together to get some exercise. On their first run Phoebe runs like “a cross between Kermit the frog and the Six Billion Dollar Man“, according to Rachel.

Rachel decides she will no longer run with Phoebe because Phoebe runs so weird, but couldn’t tell her the truth so she lies and says she hurt her ankle.

On Rachel’s next run, Phoebe catches her running in the park.

The One Where Ross Got High

Monica hosts yet another thanksgiving dinner in her apartment in which Chandler had just moved in with her.

Rachel decides to be helpful and offers to make a trifle for dessert.

Rachel is not aware the cookbook she uses to make the trifle has pages stuck together, resulting in her making a dish that consists of half an English trifle and half a shepherd’s pie.