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15 Jul 2021
4:27 pm

#RebuildSA: Here’s three ways you can help

Renate Engelbrecht

This is the time for South Africans to stand up, take hands and rebuild what has been destroyed. Here's how you can help

Volunteer and help rebuild South Africa. Image: iStock

South Africa has been the topic of discussion worldwide for the past few days, but not because of its natural beauty, incredible sunsets, or blue flag beaches, but instead people have been praying for a country devastated by unrest, violence and looting.

Some parts of the country are without necessities like food and medicine. Motorists and companies are worried about the availability of petrol. Durban mothers are taking to social media, appealing for help to get formula for their babies.

And yet, despite the country’s current dire state, South Africans are once again showing their resolve and ability to get up again, no matter what.

Over the past few days, various volunteer initiatives have been launched and South Africans are encouraged to work through trusted initiatives like the ones below to help the country get back on its feet.

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Facebook Groups for volunteering

A Facebook group called Rebuild South Africa has been created for volunteers wanting to assist in rebuilding the country, and South African individuals and businesses have been cleaning up and assisting where they can, while sharing their progress and their requirements on the Rebuild South Africa Facebook group. The group invites South Africans to volunteer by filling out this form and affected businesses can also report damages here.

Other avenues to get involved through include the Help Rebuild South Africa Together Facebook page, the Volunteer to Clean Up Businesses after #ZumaUnrest 2021 Facebook group or via the Kempton Park Community Facebook page.

Give through Gift of the Givers

The non-profit organisation, Gift of the Givers has been rolling out a crisis intervention to assist in rebuilding South Africa’s economy, restore livelihoods, and bring hope. Due to restricted mobility countrywide, South Africans can contribute to the intervention with financial donations.

Contributions can be made into the Gift of the Givers bank account:

Gift of the Givers
Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg
Account number: 052137228
Branch Code: 057525
Reference: KZN Crisis
Proof of payment can be sent to: For more details, phone 0800 786 911.

Volunteer at the Privilege Foundation

Barend la Grange from the Privilege Foundation has confirmed that they are in negotiations with the president of the greater Alexandra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mpho Motsumi, on mobilising volunteers to assist with cleaning up the area, especially small businesses.

Privilege Foundation's Barend la Grange with Alexandra small business owners
Privilege Foundation’s Barend la Grange with small business owners from Alexandra who have lost everything to looting. Image: Supplied

La Grange says: “Alexandra is one of the burning points in the country and many businesses have been looted and destroyed. I’ve come to know Alexandra and its people rather well over the past two years.

“Today I could listen to stories of people that are traumatised by the past week’s happenings, but I could also have conversations with Mpho Motsumi, the President of the Greater Alexandra Chamber of Commerce and Industry and shareholder of the Alex Mall (the only shopping centre in Alexandra that has not been affected by looting due to good security and safety precautions) and the Centre Manager, Lucky Mabiletsa.”

The damage to the rest of Alexandra’s shops and businesses is enormous.

Barend la Grange in conversation with Mpho Motsumi and Lucky Mabiletsa
Barend la Grange, Mpho Motsumi and Lucky Mabiletsa in conversation at Alex Mall. Image: Supplied

Privilege Foundation will collaborate with Alexandra interest groups to mobilise volunteers to assist small businesses that have experienced great loss.

South Africans who would like to get involved can contact the foundation’s founder and CEO, Ferdi Engelbrecht on 082 253 7509.