Leigh Crymble
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20 Oct 2014
1:00 pm

The Lo Down: It’s all in the eyelashes

Leigh Crymble

After a few seasons of beauty focus on nail art, I am pleased to report the latest beauty trend is shifting upwards: to the eyes.

Romy Spiro, owner of Johanneburg-based eyelash salon, Fabulash.

This was evident in the recent Paris Fashion Week where makeup artists got creative with their models’ eyes with long, bold, accented eyelashes. I chatted to Romy Spiro, owner of Johanneburg-based eyelash salon, Fabulash, about this new fad.

“There has been a creative shift this season to the eyes,” begins Spiro. “With a move to nude lips and natural nails, it’s become time for the eyelashes to shine.”

Spiro started her salon, Fabulash, in 2011 and she has noticed a big influx of new clients over the last few months. “Long lashes are beautiful and youthful. They epitomise femininity. We offer a variety of lengths, shapes, and thicknesses depending on the desired look. Lashes need to look natural and it is important that no damage is done to your natural lashes.”

Lash lifesavers

Want longer, thicker lashes? Here are Spiro’s top tips.

1. Be gentle with your lashes

Avoid rubbing your eyes too hard or drying your face harshly. Your lash roots are delicate and can be easily broken so treat your eye area with care when washing your face or applying makeup. Pat or dab at your lids – don’t rub or pull.


Picture: Stock

Picture: Stock

2. Remove your makeup before bed

As a general rule, all makeup on your face should be removed before bed but this is especially important around the eyes. Make sure you have removed your eyeliner and mascara before you go to sleep. The stiffness from mascara can damage your lashes so use a gentle makeup remover every evening.


3. Throw out old mascara

Don’t be fooled: you’re not doing yourself any favours by keeping a tube of mascara past the 6-month mark, you’re potentially causing a health issue. Throwing away your old mascara helps keep your lashes and eyes healthy by avoiding germs that can lead to infection.

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