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16 Sep 2021
10:53 am

How to get bouncy curls like Rolene Strauss

Renate Engelbrecht

It is no secret that Strauss has struggled to embrace her naturally curly hair and that she has been on a self-confidence journey for some time.

Rolene Strauss embracing her curls. Picture: Facebook

Rolene Strauss, who was crowned Miss World in 2014, says it took her some time before she was able to embrace her curly hair and that it was one of the things that made her struggle with self-confidence.

The beauty queen says her curly hair was one of the things society measured her by and that she had to find ways to say no to the cruel judge called “Perfect”.

Here are five times Rolene Strauss embraced her curly hair and looked flawless and elegant while doing so:

All-natural Rolene

At the baby shower for her second son, Strauss wore her natural curls pulled up and accentuated it with a white flower that completed the look perfectly.

Curly hair, don’t care

Strauss has been on a curly hair journey for quite some time and naturally, people started noticing, asking for tips and ideas when it comes to styling their hair. She later shared a proper styling tutorial, specifically for women with curly hair.

She says: “I was often teased about my ‘kroeskop’ [frizzy head] and I despised my curly hair. I wanted to blow dry and straighten them since I was six years old!”

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Coconut miracle oil mask
Coconut miracle oil mask. Picture: Supplied

A conscious choice

In a post dedicated to embracing her curls, Strauss says “most times embracing who we are is a conscious choice”. She chose to embrace her curls and her confidence shines through.

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Rolene’s anniversary curls

The model and her husband celebrated five years of marriage in March and there is no better place to let your hair down than by the beach.

While drinking in every single moment at Birkenhead House, she shared photos of herself wearing polka dots and curls, saying “we dream in colours borrowed from the sea”.

Holiday hair

While spending time at the lovely Ludus Magnus in Franschhoek, Strauss complemented her flowy red dress with her curly hair – a beautiful combination that epitomised holiday vibes in many ways.

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HASK Curl Care
HASK Curl Care spray. Image: Supplied

Confident in curls

It might have taken some time, but Rolene Strauss has undoubtedly found a way to embrace her curls and in her most recent posts it certainly shows. She looks confident and content with loose hanging curls, freely framing her facial features.

Her journey to self-confidence wasn’t for nothing and her latest curly hair posts come with exciting news: A book written by her on rediscovering your self-confidence, which is due to be released this coming Friday.

Strauss’ journey to embracing her curls comes full circle with the launch of her book, in which she shares seven steps to a new you.