Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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12 Oct 2021
9:36 am

5 times we wanted access to Pascal Pienaar’s sunglass collection

Renate Engelbrecht

Pascal Pienaar has followers and fans swooning over her sunglass collection as she shares travel throwbacks and beauty hacks on social media.

Pascal Pienaar. Picture: Facebook

Known by many as Binnelanders’ Karli (even though her role has been written out of the soapie many moons ago), Pascal Pienaar is not only a successful actress, but also the distant relative of the celebrity tennis player, Roger Federer.

While many Binnelanders fans are secretly hoping for Pienaar’s return to the soapie – even if it’s in the form of Karli’s evil twin – Pascal is keeping herself busy with various other things, including her recent spekboom challenge where she challenges South Africans to each plant two spekboom plants in their gardens to help fight climate change.

And, while fans are hopeful for Karli’s return, they are also following their favourite nurse on social media, swooning over her throwback travel posts, blonde locks and of course, her fabulous choice in sunglasses.

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Here are five times we wished we had access to Pascal’s sunglass collection:

Pascal Pienaar in Chicago

Twinning with her mother in Chicago, Illinois, in a photo that she shared on Instagram in 2020, Pascal looks fabulous in dynamic, narrow lens cat-eye sunnies and salmon-coloured lips.

Promoting spekboom

While promoting her spekboom challenge (supported by the one and only Roger Federer), she pairs her “A Spekboom a day keeps the carbon at bay” T-shirts and their botanical illustrations with flashy, mirrored-lens sunglasses.

Wedding vibes

While trying to hide from the fact that the wedding theme was pastel and she put on a bright red dress, Pascal looked glamorous with elegant sunglasses that matched her nails at a recent wedding she attended.

“The dress I bought somewhere years ago and never worn to a wedding because it’s super red and I had to get over that. And then I arrived at the wedding only to realise the dress code was pastels,” she captioned her image.

Mingling in ‘Mengels’

When you are very Afrikaans and you need to mingle in English, you mingle in “mengels” as you mix your languages to navigate your communication skills.

Here, Pascal wears a trendy pair of red-lensed, pilot-style sunglasses coupled with a high-fashion outfit that surely takes the attention off of her trying to find the right English words while mingling with Janie Bay and van Pletz.

You can find a similar budget-friendly pair at Markham for only R120.

Courageous Pascal Pienaar

In a post where she tells her fans that “it is never too late to try a perm, to change careers or to go for your goals”, Pascal looks swoon-worthy in square sunglasses with a light-coloured, thick-framed, too-good-to-be-true and blemish-free skin.

One thing is certain: If you’re looking for sunglass styling tips, Pascal is your girl.