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18 Nov 2021
11:07 am

Get summer hairstyle inspo from these three celebs

Renate Engelbrecht

When it comes to hairstyle makeovers, celebs are the best influencers to watch.

Hairstyles for celebs. Picture: Compiled from Instagram

Celebrities like Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss, actress Rolanda Marais and singer, Juanita du Plessis, have recently changed things up a bit with brand-new, bold hairstyles, ready for summer.

Shorter, bouncy curls for Rolene

Rolene Strauss has been struggling to accept her curls for years and only recently started embracing the look. She clearly loves her new hairstyle, boasting shorter, bouncy curls, and sharing photos and videos of her new look from all angles.

“Can’t believe I did it,” she writes in one post. “I’ve always cut my hair so that it could look good when blow waved or styled, but this is the very first time I cut it to suit my curls.”

She even shared a video with some tips on how to style your curls and later shared another one, captioning it: “Still can’t believe I chopped my hair off.”

Shorter is sweeter

Juanita du Plessis is known for her longer blonde locks, but she also recently took to Instagram with a photo of her new look.

She opted for a shorter hairstyle too – a lovely long bob – and said she felt like it was time for a change.

“And I had to do something drastic that my husband could at least see I was at the hair salon,” she jokes.

She then reminded herself and her followers of the saying, “a change is as good as a holiday” and added the hashtag, #newhairdontcare.

Old-school hairstyles rock on Rolanda Marais

If there is one actress who can pull off almost any hairstyle and colour, it’s Rolanda Marais.

In a recent Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself looking pure vintage in a colourful, puff-shoulder dress, but it really is the hair that catches the eye.

She looks exactly like the iconic Afrikaans singer, Carike Keuzenkamp, famous for songs like Hoeka Toeka and Byeboerwa in the photo.

Rolanda Marais was also recently seen sporting blonde locks – a complete change from her usual dark hair colour – for a new role.

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From these pictures one thing is certain: Change ís as good as a holiday.