Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
23 Dec 2021
9:57 am

Christmas hair: 8 styles to try this holiday season

Kaunda Selisho

No matter how you're spending the day, we don’t see any reason why you can’t attempt to pull off and photograph a cute Christmas hair style. 

Hair cut and styled by Pekela Riley, modeled by Instagram user @alexandra_nx | Picture: Supplied

The festive season isn’t all about the gifts, the food and the socialisation. For some, it is also about the looks, and today we’re going to take a look at some Christmas hair inspiration.

Whether you’re spending the day alone, with your partner or with your immediate and extended family, we don’t see any reason why you can’t attempt to pull off (and photograph) a cute Christmas hairstyle. 

Check out The Citizen‘s Christmas hair guide below:

Golden Goddess Braids

The first look is inspired by the running joke that South Africans are often overcome by the urge to dye their hair blonde in December.

We combine the colour with a popular hairstyle in the form of Goddess Braids, for a glam look that isn’t incredibly high maintenance. 

Cropped blonde curls 

In keeping with the blonde theme, we suggest investing in a new short blonde lace wig and having it professionally installed for that beautifully blended hairline. 

Alternatively, you could dye a pre-existing wig to achieve this style or ask a stylist if they can pull it off with your own hair as opposed to a wig in whatever (daring) colour you’d like to try. 

Low bun

You could pull and pin your hair into a low bun for a styled look that looks good, but isn’t too fancy.

Curls ‘n clips

Adorning your curls in clips is also a great way to get great-looking Christmas hair without putting crazy amounts of effort into an entirely new look.

Flip through this Instagram guide for Christmas hair pictures and tutorials

Natural hair, 12 ways

The natural hair movement is in full swing and those who have been able to stick with it over the years have a full head of hair they’d like to show off.

This style is also great to try if you have natural-looking extensions that are versatile to style. 

Wrap those braids or locs

Not in the mood to get a brand new Christmas hairstyle? Try styling your braids or locs with a great headwrap. You get extra points if it’s Christmas themed. 

Snatch that hair into a pony

Try tying your hair into a ponytail with a cornrow or two and a ponytail extension covered in shiny accessories for some simple but gorgeous Christmas hair. 


Add some giant plaits to your hair to elevate the look without having to change it too drastically.