Daily hacks: How to use rice to combat ageing and get strong, glossy hair

Rice water is said to help fight the signs of aging, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and to help smooth the skin.

Accompanying traditional dishes around the world, rice is a time-old kitchen staple.

But it is in the beauty department that the ingredient is currently causing a stir on social networks, where rice water and rice powder are proving to be must-haves for glossy hair and naturally glowing skin.

Since the pandemic, our bathrooms seem to have been transformed into veritable pantries, with a growing number of ingredients from the kitchen gradually being used to meet the different needs of our skin – with eggs to moisturize and smooth, sugar to exfoliate, honey to remove hair and olive oil to nourish.

Now, rice is here to mattify oily skin and fight against the signs of aging. These age-old beauty secrets are resurfacing to respond to the climate emergency, as well as to the new concerns of consumers in search of natural and eco-friendly solutions.

A boost for dull hair…

Whether in grain, powder or water form, rice has been used in cosmetics since the dawn of time.

In Asia, women have been recycling the water in which rice is cooked for centuries to help strengthen their hair and accelerate its growth. And it is precisely this usage that is now proving a hit among beauty fans on social networks.

On TikTok, the hashtag #ricewater has some 500 million views to date, paired with a host of videos highlighting the virtues of this ‘miracle’ water for hair.

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Rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, rice cooking water can be used as a hair mask – although the consistency and smell aren’t especially glamorous. However, just leave it on for a few minutes to enjoy hair that is stronger, fuller and shinier, while boosting its growth and even fighting against frizz.

A real godsend when you consider the number of treatments and products needed to meet these various different needs.

… and all types of skin!

But rice is also beneficial for skin. As incredible as it may seem, it can be a handy ally for combination to oily skin, as well as for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

That’s a lot of needs covered! However, people with oily, shiny skin will most appreciate rice powder for its highly absorbent properties – goodbye sebum! – and its mattifying effect.

That’s why this star ingredient is often found in certain makeup products, such as mattifying powders, eye shadows and even certain blushes.

Mature skin can also turn to rice for its action against skin aging and fading firmness.

These benefits are due to its antioxidant active ingredients. Rice water is said to help fight the signs of aging, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and to help smooth the skin.

What’s more, rice – again applied in the form of water – is also said to moisturize and nourish the skin deeply.

All these reasons could encourage many brands to look to rice when concocting their future cosmetics.

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