How to make your tights last longer

Here are some tips and tricks that can help extend the life of tights -- and reduce the risk of holes and runs.

Millions of pairs of tights and pantyhose are thrown away each year, creating tonnes of waste and making this essential accessory one of the most polluting items in our wardrobes. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that can help extend the life of tights — and reduce the risk of holes and runs.

How many pairs of pantyhose have you thrown away after just one or two wears? While brands are trying to offer more resistant and long-lasting models, tights and pantyhose are still polluting, if only because of their very short lifespan… And that’s without mentioning the fact that they often end up in the trash instead of being recycled, which is even more harmful to the planet.

To reduce the impact of this accessory, without having to give up on this key piece of the womenswear wardrobe, here are some tricks that can help you make your tights last (much) longer.

Put them in the fridge!

So, you’ve just bought that new pair of pantyhose that you’ve been wanting — and needing — and you’re waiting for the opportunity to wear them. Patience being the mother of all virtues, it could be preferable to put them in the fridge, or even in the freezer, before slipping into your new purchase.

The idea may seem crazy, and yet… The power of cold is no longer to be proven, it seems, whether for the skin, or for pantyhose, since it supposedly strengthens the fiber and the mesh, thus making your pair of pantyhose more resistant. This doesn’t mean that they will be able to resist all the challenges of everyday life, but that they will be much less sensitive to the slightest snag.

Put them on carefully

From the very first use — right out of the packet — some sheer tights can give up the ghost. It’s therefore necessary to pay particular attention to this delicate stage. This means, of course, putting them on carefully, without any rings or badly manicured nails.

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There’s no need to run out to the salon beforehand, but make sure that a bitten or badly cut nail doesn’t end up damaging your pair of pantyhose. Note that you should always start putting them on by the feet, then roll them up to the thighs, before finishing by the hips. That way, you don’t risk damaging the fiber.

Watch out for snags!

Throughout the day, your pantyhose will be subject to a variety of hazardous situations: where you sit, crossing your legs — even riskier if you wear heels — or rubbing against parts of your shoes. In fact, it’s not uncommon to end the day with a hole in your toe. To remedy this problem, don’t slip your pantyhose-clad foot directly into your boots or shoes, but add a sock that will protect the delicate fiber of the accessory.

Hairspray or nail varnish for a quick fix

If, despite your best efforts, the worst happens and your sheer tights have a run or a (small) hole in them, you can stop things getting worse, and stop the damage spreading, by spraying hairspray or putting a drop of clear nail polish on the damaged area. This won’t repair the pantyhose, but it will stop the damage from getting worse.

Don’t forget to recycle

So you’ve done everything, tried everything, but despite your best efforts, your pantyhose have come to the end of their life. Don’t worry, it happens… even to the best! However, don’t throw your used pantyhose in the trash, which is far too polluting. Instead, try to recycle them. There are now various kinds of collection points that will allow you to give them a second life, in various ways.

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