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Daily hacks: Five ways to baby-proof your home

The bliss of a newborn in the home can last up to a few months, once they start crawling and walking home safety becomes a concern.

For new and expecting parents there is so much they feel like they need to know. This includes being aware of what should be around the home before the baby’s arrival and making their home baby-proof.

The bliss of a newborn in the home can last up to a few months, as babies will likely spend most of their time feeding and sleeping. But as they grow a little bit bigger and start moving around on their own, there’s another aspect to consider: home safety. 

Baby safety company, Safety 1st has provided a list of simple additions to ensure moms’ and dads’ peace of mind to ensure your little one’s safety and that your home is baby-proof.  

Five ways to baby-proof your home

A safety gate

Considered the top item to have once your baby starts crawling and walking, a safety gate can be placed at the top and bottom of a staircase. 

The gate prevents the baby from taking a fall, but it’s also handy to place at the entrance of certain spots of the house. 

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Placing a gate at the door will prevent babies from entering on their own. 

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Finger Pinch Guard 

A painful childhood memory engrained in many of us, of a finger getting pinched or closed in a door. 

You can prevent this painful accident by safe-guarding the doors in your home. Safety 1st has a Finger Pinch Guard costing R54.99, which protects fingers from accidentally getting pinched by a closing door.

When the door is fully closed, it conveniently hangs on the doorknob where it’s easy to access when needed again.

Plug Protectors 

Plug sockets are one of the biggest home hazards. They are normally placed close to the ground or high enough for a baby’s reach. They can cause electrocution should your baby put their fingers into the holes. 

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Purchase plug protectors made with rounded edges that are child-resistant, these durable plastic gadgets fit snugly into an electrical socket, sealing it and protecting the baby from electrocution.

Baby On Board Sign

You have seen the signs of “Baby on board” on parents’ cars, it is and it’s important to alert others of the baby’s presence. 

The sign can easily be attached to your car’s window and reminds others to drive safely. 

Healthcare Kit 

It is important to have the first kit in your home and in your car as you never know when you will need it. Make sure that you have basic healthcare tools such as a thermometer and medicine dropper stored in a convenient place – when you need them, you’ll want to be able to access them immediately.

Safety 1st Healthcare Kit features baby healthcare essentials, conveniently packed in a reversible case.

Safety 1st healthcare kit. Picture: Supplied

It contains a soft-grip toothbrush, newborn nasal aspirator, medicine dropper with spill guard, a digital thermometer and an emergency contact card.

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