Claire Warneke
4 minute read
21 Sep 2020
11:10 am

Biryani – ‘The dish’ to serve on all best and auspicious occasions

Claire Warneke

The key ingredient is love, says Auntie Muligar.

Biryani. Photo: iStock

Just say the word “biryani” in a room full of South Africans, and the nostalgia is palpable. It’s a meal that takes you back to granny’s kitchen, to mom’s Tupperware full of padkos, to weddings, family reunions and occasions which aren’t even occasions, they’re just “because Aunty said so”. It’s a meal that’s not just a meal. It’s history, it’s culture, it’s family, it’s art – and it’s love. Every aunty has her method; the way her mom made it, and her grandmother, and her great-grandmother... Of course, there are some tweaks along the way. A little extra ginger? Butter...