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17 Dec 2021
3:36 pm

Daily hacks: Preparation tips you should know ahead of Christmas day

Lerato Maimela

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A grandmother and her granddaughter bonding in the kitchen. Picture: iStock

With Christmas steadily approaching, it would be best for you to start planning for the day.

It is often easy to forget certain things needed for your preparations, or to mess up the dishes and recipes you are creating for your Christmas lunch and dinner, so it would be ideal to plan your day well in advance to ensure that you have time to fix any mistakes and cooking fails.

Here are some preparation hacks and tips you should know ahead of Christmas day:

Make a list and check it twice

To ensure that your Christmas lunch or dinner party is a success, create a list of all the meals you are planning to prepare, and all the ingredients and cooking equipment you need.

Before heading to the store to buy your ingredients, check your list thoroughly to ensure you have all you need.

check list
A grocery list. Picture: iStock

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Start ahead of time

We all know that practice makes perfect. We also know that many things can go wrong, but things can be prevented if you start doing them way ahead of time.

Start your Christmas shopping and preparations a day or two before the actual festivities begin, to make sure everything is cooked and prepared in time.

If you forget to buy a certain ingredient, or mess up one of your recipes and dishes, then you should have enough time to correct your mistakes if you plan and prepare ahead of time.

planning ahead
Christmas planning. Picture: iStock


The food is indeed a priority, putting in a little extra time to decorate your Christmas spread can make all the difference which doesn’t have to break the bank.

Make sure you also have your favourite dinner extras such as wine cheeseboard and other personal favourites, or be a little experimental.

decoration hacks
A cheeseboard. Picture: iStock