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9 Jun 2022
4:35 pm

Daily hacks: How to create your own homemade muffin liners

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Homemade muffin liners. Picture: Pinterest

Baking is one of the best and yummiest hobbies to get into, but can be quite costly if you are starting out and do not already have the essentials you need to bake your favourite goodies.

Cutting costs wherever you can is always a good idea, and one way to cut costs, especially when baking muffins, is to create your own homemade muffin liners.

Here are some benefits of making your own homemade muffin liners:

  • Making your own muffin liners can save you money, especially if you intend to bake a large quantity of muffins for a bake sale, charity event or market day.
  • Your homemade muffin liners will look much better and prettier than the muffin liners you would find from the store.
  • Homemade muffin liners can be filled above the usual capacity, allowing you to bake jumbo, scrumptious muffins.

Here are the instructions and materials needed to create your own muffin liners:

What you will need

  • Mould
  • Baking paper
  • Muffin tin
  • Ruler, pencil and scissors

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  1. Find a container, glass, cup or tin that fits pretty snugly into your muffin tin. This will act as your mould.
  2. Cut the baking paper into 12x12cm squares for smaller muffins or 15x15cm squares for jumbo muffins.
  3. Crease each square in half both ways, forming an ‘X’ that marks the centre of the square.
  4. Turn your mould upside down so the base is facing up. Place a square of paper over your mould, lining up the centre of the paper to the centre of the glass. Pinch and fold one side so that it fits snug against the mould. Twist the mould 90º and repeat until all sides are folded.
  5. Pinch the bottom rim of your muffin liners; this will help your muffin liners hold their shape once in the tin.
  6. Invert the mould into your muffin tin, pressing down firmly to secure the liner. Repeat to make however many liners you need.
  7. Fill and bake your muffins!

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