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The most innovative dining experiences to come out of SA under lockdown

These restaurants have chosen to adapt, rather than die, by creating innovative dining experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Restaurants are not only tasked to deliver the best service and food but they have to create innovative dining experiences to have people walk in the door during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dining out safely has never been more important for the restaurant industry and amidst the third wave, some people have been hesitant to eat out again. To get people seated again, in light of the uncertainty and constant changing of lockdown rules, some eateries have designed ways to adapt to the changes and survive.

There are a few that have stood out in South Africa.

Innovative dining experiences inspired by lockdown

Exclusive dinner in a hotel suite

DAVINCI Hotel & Suites, together with Maximillien Restaurant, are offering private dinners in the luxury of one of the hotel suites.

The great thing about this is you don’t have to rush back home for the curfew, you can opt for an overnight stay. Andrew van Hasselt, general manager of the hotel, said this was perfect for date night, with the best views in Sandton.

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“We have reinvented some of our executive hotel suites into a collective of private, pop-up dining suites for two. During level 4, this will allow Joburg couples to escape the monotony of their homes and enjoy a romantic dinner out,” he said.

Patrons can enjoy a three-course set menu, complimentary welcome drink, use of the suite during dinner and a waiter service in your room at R525. To book the night room will cost R1750, including breakfast.

Wimpy’s park and dine

Not necessarily fine dining per se but this is a convenient option and still a treat. Customers can order from the Wimpy near them that offers a park and dining experience.

When you arrive, you park at the designated spot, a menu is brought to you, your order and the food is brought to you, in the comfort of your car.

This has been done with great success, with Wimpy known for its famous breakfast of champions and milkshakes. Your kids will be happy you took them with you too.

Take a look

Kloof Street Village

The newly opened Kloof Street Villiage has taken the technology route. With innovative dining in mind, many of their stores in the mall, including all four restaurants, have technologically advanced options.

They house the “best” chicken burgers in Cape Town, i.e Free Bird, Kofi, SCHOON Bread Café and Nu Health Cafe.

When grabbing something to eat, either ordering on Uber Eats or Mr D, all restaurants offer contactless pick-up points, as well as self-order kiosks. Sit-downs are just as Covid safety-friendly. QR codes when ordering from the menu and the restaurants are designed to have social distancing in mind.

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