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Maps Maponyane opens up about ‘devastating’ effects of Covid-19 on Buns Out

The media personality said he is hopeful that his business will be able to survive the pandemic.

Maps Maponyane has opened up about the Covid-19 pandemic has affected his business.

He is the owner of Buns Out, a burger restaurant situated in Linden, Johannesburg.

A fan posed the questioned to him on Twitter: “Maps Maponyane, how has the pandemic impacted your restaurant bro?”

The media personality revealed that his business has been horribly affected. However, he hopes that things will get better and there are a few tricks up his sleeve which hopefully helps the restaurant survive.

“The truth? Horribly. It’s been devastating, but we have faith and hope it will get better,” he said.

“The reality is that we can’t carry on like this for too long for it too [sic] still make business sense, but we have a couple [of] strategic ideas that will hopefully mitigate that. Thanks for asking.”

Maps also informed people in Joburg of the various ways they can support his burger joint.

“By ordering from us on Uber Eats, Mr D, or our BO WhatsApp delivery service (0744341390), or by coming in to order a take away or sit down and eat. Any of those methods will go a long way. Thank you.”

He further disclosed that the restaurant closed a week before lockdown and all surplus food was donated to those in need.

“We closed a week before lockdown. We don’t pre cook food. Food is cooked when an order is made so that it’s as fresh as possible.

“All food that risked going off in weeks to come as soon as we closed for lockdown, went to staff, meals for homeless in the community and a local charity home,” said Maps.

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