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‘We are treating this as a priority’ – Woolworths responds to foreign substances found in their juices

Woolworths responded, stating that they take the matter seriously and are launching an internal investigation to determine the source of the alleged contamination.

In the age of social media, news spreads like wildfire. One incident that recently caught the attention of the online community involved Woolworths Food’s popular beverage brand.

On Wednesday, a post from Lulama a concerned customer circulated on X, accompanied by disturbing images depicting what appeared to be foreign substances found in a Woolworths Food juice carton, raising concerns about product quality and safety.

This incident quickly gained traction, with many drawing parallels to a similar situation involving another foods firm.

Woolworth’s response

As the X post went viral, Woolworths official social media accounts were tagged in comments by concerned consumers.

Woolworths responded, stating that they take the matter seriously and were launching an internal investigation to determine the source of the alleged contamination.

“We’re aware of a tweet circulating that relates to one of our fruit juice products.

“We’ve been in contact with the customer and are treating this as a priority, our teams and suppliers will collect the sample and launch an investigation into what went wrong. More information will be available once the investigation has been concluded,” said Rachel Alberts, Woolworths spokesperson.

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Furthermore, Alberts demonstrated the company’s value to product safety and quality control.

“Maintaining the excellent standard of quality Woolies is known for remains our priority, and we’ll continue to work hard to ensure incidents like these don’t happen,” she said.

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Liqui Fruit incident

A similar controversy occurred a few weeks ago involving Liqui Fruit juice. In that incident, different customers had reported finding foreign objects in their juice bottles.

The discovery sparked a widespread outcry, with consumers expressing their concerns about the safety and quality standards of the brand.

Liqui Fruit Pioneer Foods responded, launching their own investigation into the matter.

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According to IOL, the company launched an investigation which revealed that the mould found in their product was a result of faulty packaging.

“The compromised packages occur as the product is packed irregularly over long distances – possibly breaking the seal of the Liqui Fruit juice, resulting in oxygen infiltrating the preservative-free, 100 % fruit juice and creating mould formation over time,” said Pioneer Foods.

Customers threatened to boycott Liqui-Fruit because they felt that they were not being taken seriously.

“Anyways guys boycott Liqui-fruit until they properly address this mess. They even deleted their twitter account,” said X user Naledi Sekoto.

“We need to boycott Liqui Fruit honestly,” Nozipho Mash shared on X.

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