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Getting swim fit

Speedo SA has launched an online resource centre as part of its Get Speedo Fit campaign comprising training programmes, technique videos, images and tips, training aids, information on the benefits of swimming and expert coaching video footage.

Get Speedo Fit is a global initiative aimed at elevating the status of swimming for fitness to that of going to the gym, running or playing sports.

The Get Speedo Fit resource centre includes the following:

  • Three training programmes.
  • A gallery comprising technique videos, images and expert advisor articles.
  • Training aids.
  • Swim tips.
  • Health benefits of swimming.
Pictures: www.sxc.hu

Pictures: www.sxc.hu

The training programmes are designed by some of the world’s most elite swim coaches, aimed at making the most of a swimmer’s time in the water. All programmes include a warm up, main set and warm down section. The three options are:

Starter – This programme is designed for beginners or people who have not been swimming for a long time. It will help improve swimming technique and physical conditioning.

Improver – This programme is suited for those who can swim around 20 lengths in a 25m pool, but need extra help in getting fit.

Performer – This is aimed at those who can swim long distances and aims to develop speed and technique.

The techniques section provides a gallery of information, videos and images for improving swim technique such as stroke, positioning, kick and breathing. It includes advice from Speedo’s elite coaches on a variety of subjects such as “how to begin swimming for fitness”, “how to warm up” and “how to tone your abs”.

Stuart Hopwood, brand president of Speedo South Africa, said: “Swimming for fitness is an increasingly popular activity providing the safest, least impactful form of exercise whilst offering a full body workout. The Get Speedo Fit resource centre is a wealth of swimming information and training advice to help motivate and guide any level of swimmer.”

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