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Watch: Mutual masturbation – Why pleasing yourself and your partner is good for your health

Masturbation is not only a great stress relief, it has many other health benefits for you.

Masturbation has become a hot topic, not only because self-love has become celebrated as a stress relief tactic or many millennials are turning toward own-orgasming or mutual touching as an alternative to other intimacy, but also because it’s just fun.

Sexual wellness coach Lindiwe Rasekoala of Skyn Condoms said that while masturbation has been around forever, more and more people are realizing its pleasure principle.

She said: “They can pleasure themselves, but not only themselves. You can also have mutual masturbation, which is not necessarily penetrative sex with your penis or through the vagina, it is with your hands.”

She added that one of the most important points in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” to mutual masturbation would be to know exactly what body part you are touching.”

Watch Lindiwe Rasekoala talk all things masturbation:


Rasekoala said that masturbation offers different sensations on sensitive parts of the body.

“The tip of the penis, for example, is highly sensitive, and did you know that the labia can also be stimulated, and not necessarily with your hands either. But it’s a form of masturbation. Figure out which body parts you enjoy stimulating and start exploration from there.”

She adds that there are other erogenous zones that can potentially stimulate your private genital area.

“If you are touching the clitoris by kissing and then kissing the neck or if you are tickling behind the legs or playing with the feet, all those things and sensations add to the impact of masturbation at the time.”

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Communication between couples, when doubling up from a solo effort, is equally as important said Rasekoala.

“Communicate through the beginning and end, and then once you have communicated, reassure yourself that getting the right information from the person afterwards is important. I always say that once you’re done enjoying the act, what is the feedback?

“Because they might give you feedback during play but afterwards, they might give suggestions,” she noted.

Another thing about masturbation is that when you masturbate, emphasised Rasekoala, it is great stress relief.

“Orgasm produces pheromones and makes you happy and is good for your hair and your skin. So, there’s a lot of health benefits to masturbation, but not only that, you get to know your own body. So, when you are engaging with somebody else, you know exactly what it is and what you don’t like, what you do like, and how they can pleasure you.”

She encourages couples not to be afraid of accessories and toys.

“Bring in vibrators, bring in dildos, just different things to kind of heighten the sensation and make your masturbation experience perfect”.

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