Blast from the past: 4 new nostalgic gadgets

From a revamped Nokia 3310, to a new Tamagotchi, here are a few nostalgic gadgets that have been launched recently.

Companies haven’t hesitated to cash in on consumers’ nostalgia for the 20th century.

Looking back on the past is part of human nature. And companies have been quick to cash in on nostalgia in recent years. The last few months have been particularly filled with re-launches of old tech devices.

From a revamped Nokia 3310 to a new Tamagotchi, here are a few nostalgic gadgets that have been launched recently…

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Long gone is the time that Nintendo led the console market. But this doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the fun and joy of our first gaming devices.

Many of Nintendo’s products have an air of nostalgia, but none more so than the NES Classic Edition. This product is a mini version of the console that initiated many into the world of video games – 1985’s NES console.

The mini console comes with 30 installed games, including classic fan favourites Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, reports indicate that Nintendo will stop the production of this product in favour of a newer one.

If you would like this particular dose of nostalgia, get your hands on it sooner than later.

The new Nokia 3310

There is always a risk when relaunching an intensely loved product. After all, most fans still choose to pretend that the relaunched Volkswagen Beetle never happened.

So, it’s natural that there was some trepidation when Nokia announced that it would be releasing a new 3310.

There’s no doubt that the company was cashing in on the continued adoration of the original model, which has become something of a legend among tech lovers and consumers.

It was earlier this year that Nokia finally unveiled its new 3310 in a variety of colours.

The verdict is out on whether the new version does justice to the original. This since the product has only seen a limited release in certain markets.

However, here’s hoping there’s another legend in the making.

The Tamagotchi 2017

Forget tazos or Pokemon cards, if you were a kid growing up in the 90s, a Tamagotchi was the ultimate aspiration and source of envy for youngsters.

These digital pet keychains were subject to our adoration and, eventually, neglect. The craze has long since passed, but the product has endured in different iterations in Japan.

However, Bandai Namco recently announced that they will be relaunching the original Tamagotchi with a slightly altered look.

Will old fans return to this beloved gadget? Or will a new generation of Tamagotchi lovers be created? We’ll have to wait until its release to find out.

Samsung Galaxy folder 2

Phone makers have increasingly looked to the noughties for inspiration for new gadgets. And Samsung is no exception. Soon, you’ll be able to flip your phone shut after an angry phone call, just like back in the day. This is due to Samsung’s Galaxy Folder 2 – a flip phone launched in China last year.

While equipped with Android Marshmallow, the phone’s specs aren’t anything to write home about.

However, nostalgia enthusiasts might get a kick out of this gadget when it is released in more countries.

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