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Prep for battle, brave wanderer… Diablo IV launch just hours away

Ready your weapons, don your armor and head over to Sanctuary as 'Diablo IV' calls for heroes to stand against Lilith’s onslaught in June.

Gamers, gather ’round. Diablo IV is fast approaching and the hallowed realms of Sanctuary are in dire need of a champion as Lilith goes on a beautifully macabre rampage.

Diablo IV will officially open its dark and ominous gates on 6 June, however, early access for those who ordered kicks off on 31 May at 1am South African time.

Diablo IV launch

Journey through Sanctuary’s five extensive regions and challenge the scourge that has been cast upon the world.

The grand unveiling of Diablo IV will take place on 6 June, also at 1am South African time.

Our apologies if you’re not a night owl. Sorry, ne.

But it’s worth staying up, because Blizzard will make all versions Diablo IV accessible to their respective owners.

The countless hours I spent developing an unhealthy fondness for Lilith during the open beta weekends have only heightened my eagerness for the primary release.

And by ‘unhealthy fondness’, I mean:

Don’t forget to boot it up and pre-load early, because from 31 May at 1am SAST, the game will be available to install on Windows PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Get your PC or console ready

If you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox, head over to the Store, search for Diablo IV and launch the download from there.

Windows PC users can launch Battle.net.

If Diablo IV is not in your ‘Favorites bar’ – shame on you!! – it will be in the ‘All Games’ page.

From there, select the Diablo IV option under ‘Game Version’ and simply hit ‘Install’.

Simple, dimple, hell’s a-sizzle.

Choose your class wisely

There are five paths to choose from – Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer, pictured below:

  • Barbarian: Unparalleled strength and capable of unleashing ground-shaking slams.
  • Druid: A savage shapeshifter who can command earth, wind and storm.
  • Necromancer: Cunning summoners who use their Bone, Blood and Shadow bastions to defeat enemies.
  • Rogue: An agile, ranged warrior equipped with deadly poisons and shadow magic
  • Sorcerer: Master of the elements capable of hurling bolts of lightning jagged ice spikes. Even meteors!

Diablo IV
The five classes: Photo: Blizzard

Twitch Drops

Additionally, Diablo IV has integrated Twitch drops into the gaming experience – from 3 to 6 June.

Tune into your favorite Diablo IV streamers on Twitch and stand by them as they brave through the terrors of Hell.

You earn Twitch Drops – such as cosmetic items like ‘Weapon Recolors’ and ‘Back Slot Items’ – for showing your support.

And if you gift two Twitch subscriptions to eligible streamer’s channels, and you’ll receive the ‘Primal Instinct Mount’, a trusted companion in the trials ahead.

A 6-year long journey

President of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Ybarra, said the game’s release follows “many hard decisions, challenges, and opportunities.”

Development spanned six years, and Ybarra thanked all those who had been part of the beta process for their feedback and patience.

“For those playing, we hope you have a great time in Sanctuary. We have so much more Diablo coming in the near, medium, and long term – it’s wonderful to say Diablo is back”.

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