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By Sandisiwe Mbhele

UX Content Writer

‘What are these rich pastors doing for poor pastors?’ Mboro asks

Wearing a white robe with a cellphone in hand, the pastor had a few things to get off his chest, venting about how 'rich' pastors need to help 'poor' pastors who have small congregations.

Incredible happenings Church leader Mapaseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng, best known as Pastor Mboro, has accused “rich” pastors of not doing anything for the poor.

This may come as a surprise as Mboro has been accused of using his congregant’s money to enrich himself.

Wearing a white robe, with a cellphone in hand, the pastor had a few things to get off his chest.  Venting about how “rich” pastors need to help “poor” pastors who have small congregations of about 50-100 people.

“Right now we have economic issues, the rich are becoming richer. What are these rich pastors doing for the poor pastors with 50 to 100 members? Abantu bayasishiya (people are leaving us) umfundisi (pastor) onayo
ama members of 100, 300 and join someone and leave that pastor homeless and helpless.

“That pastor who gets more members and more money if they are really working for God they should look at how they should empower those small churches.”

According to Mboro, there is no one as forgetful as Christians: “You can leave your pastor any time and go for the new one… You behave like slay queens. Slay queens go to the highest bidder… You lose jobs she’s got another one.”

He says the faith community needs to work in love and peace.  The pastor says he won’t succumb to any demands or threats, revealing that he received death threats on his WhatsApp account from Shepherd Bushiri supporters calling on him to stop supporting the victims.

“Any friendship that doesn’t glorify God let it go forever. Prophet Bushiri I spoke to you through your lawyers and journalists. Let us attend this thing of allegations that are affecting the image of the church and that are affecting the prophetic ministry office.”

Mboro has been outspoken about Bushiri’s arrest, even claiming the arrest was his doing. Bushiri handed himself over to the Hawks after his wife, Mary, was arrested on 19 October, the Enlightened Christian Gathering church confirmed.

Hawks attorneys had requested an interview with the couple to discuss an investment in Rising Estate, an international property investment and development company.

Mboro has said “false” prophets times were on the rise: “Many pastors, fraternities and movements are afraid of Bushiri. Any pastor in South Africa that is robbing, raping and killing, you’re not going to do that any more. If I’m killed for the truth, it’s okay, I died for God. It’s time you know there is God in South Africa.”

Despite what Bushiri said on the video shared on Twitter, people couldn’t get over the white robe.

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