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9 Jul 2018
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Nature indoors

Citizen Reporter

The new 'grounded' trend in interior design is easier than you think to pull off.

One of the best ways to approach interior design and home makeovers is by keeping it all as simple as possible, and the “grounded” trend, identified by Isca as one of 2018’s biggest trends, is a great starting point.

With clean, minimal lines complemented by lush greenery and rich, brushed metallics, the grounded trend is not only easy to pull off, but a beautiful and contemporary way to decorate your home.

Isca influencer and South Africa’s Home DIY sweetheart, Karen (Kari) Kelly, explains her interpretation of the trend in a bathroom design, which she created for that featured at Decorex 2018.

1. What is your interpretation of the grounded trend? How would you describe it?

The grounded trend is all about bringing nature and its various elements and textures inside. Think greens and natural terracotta or sandy colours, as well as wooden elements and textures against a neutral palette.

It’s a trend that appeals to a wide audience and can easily be up or down-styled to match your taste. Paired with brush metals to add to the rough, natural aesthetic, you’re sure to feel at home in a grounded design space.

2. What was the inspiration behind this design?

I started my design by choosing the Isca taps that I wanted to use for the space and worked off those as a base.

I wanted to incorporate some greenery in the design, paired with bare cement-screened walls and floors because I knew the natural elements would really pop against the grey colour palette. I then added touches of terracotta and rose gold to bring the theme to life.

3. Which Isca products did you use in your bathroom design?

I decided to use the Isca Roma range. I am a huge fan and these really tied in well with the grounded trend. It is a timeless range with great lines and curves and being able to use the separate bib taps above the basin made this the perfect choice for the look and feel that I wanted to achieve.

4. Do you think this look is easy to achieve and recreate?

The grounded trend is definitely an easy one to recreate in pretty much any home. I opted for a more dramatic hanging macramé installation above the shower-bath, but you can easily add a few pretty plants with different leaves and hues of green to a windowsill on a chair or even a wall shelf.

Bringing nature into your space gives you a sense of calm and purpose and maybe it’s just me, but caring for those plants is endlessly satisfying! The look might seem complicated, but trust me, anyone with a little bit of time and imagination can pull off a stylish look, too.

For example, the rose gold and copper are a great way to add an eclectic and super-modern effect to the overall look, particularly when it comes to accessorising your space. Whether it is with a DIY copper towel rail or a photo frame or planter. It is the small touches that will bring your space together.

5. For anyone hoping to recreate this look in their homes, what would your advice to them be?

Start your decorating process by setting up a budget. Add the essential items of a bathroom to your list, that is:

  • 1) taps,
  • 2) towels,
  • 3) bath mat
  • 4) towel rails
  • 5) washing basket

Then work your way towards adding the finer details, including plants and various decor items and accessories. It is definitely possible to redo a bathroom on a budget, but planning is always an essential step in achieving this.

6. How would you describe the final bathroom design? What was your favourite part?

I loved how the whole look of the bathroom came together. I really, really liked the way that the macramé installation above the shower-bath turned out, which I thought was so special. I used an old bunk bed ladder from my childhood to hang the planters that I made and the final product was simply spectacular – if I do say so myself!

I was also quite chuffed that my DIY copper pipe towel rail made the top-10 favourite picks at Decorex Cape Town.

7. Best and worst behind-thescenes design moment – and GO!

Hmm… receiving the vanity in a royal blue instead of the colour I expected. So, luckily there was time to update the colour. It is amazing what a touch of paint and a little DIY magic can do!

There is always something that tends to go a bit pear-shaped when attempting a DIY project. A lot of the time it involves colours and paints. When things go wrong – STOP, BREATHE and THINK. There is always a solution and sometimes it’s much simpler than you think.

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