Sonri Naidoo
3 minute read
9 Nov 2020
12:19 pm

Your roses need food, too

Sonri Naidoo

Fertilise: They're hungry if leaves are light green and bushes don't grow or flower. Sprinkle granules on top of mulch around the plant and water deeply so it goes to the roots.

Pink rose bush. Picture: iStock

The roses have just completed their October marathon and it is time to power them up for the next show in December. Monthly fertilising, from September to April helps them flower for 10 months of the year and grow strongly, which makes them more heat and drought tolerant. It is easy to spot hungry roses; the leaves are light green, the bushes don’t grow or flower well and are easily affected by black spot, even after spraying. The simplest way to give roses the food they need is to follow the recommended dose, worked out by fertiliser manufacturers who have...